matapam (pamuphoff) wrote,

Tier Names

I need to regularize my naming conventions, just as a reminder of status and priviledge.

Tier One--Home and 300

Tier Two--so far I have Stalin (that got trashed by the One) and Stuttgart

Tier Three--

Tier Four--Regulous and Budapest Reborn

Tier Five--Siberia Max and Novaya Moskva

Tier Six--Neu Frankfurt

I think I'll change this to Tier Two being named after people, Tier Three-Cities, Tier Four-Regions, and outward modified cities or regions. So Budapest drops the reborn and becomes a tier three, and I need to rename Stuttgart which is in any case is awkward to make a decent nickname for the citizens there of.

Marx? Marxies? Luther Looties? Kant? Hess? I hate to use Einstein and Mozart, as this culture was built on the Early or even pre-WWII Germany with magic added.

Opinions and suggestions?

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