matapam (pamuphoff) wrote,

_SuperHeroes vs the Space Aliens_ part 21

The squid hit him and swept him off into the deep nothingness.

Will grabbed a tentacle as it swung at him, fended off another as the arm he was holding curled and brought him up toward those twin plasma guns . . . or whatever the hell they shoot, weird counter gravity effects . . . all of which will be quite useful, once I survive.

He caught a glimpse of the ship, the asteroid, silhouetted against the very close earth, as he swung wildly around.

Down in Las Vegas, I beat in the top of the squid's central hub . . . and that was a smaller robot, and not armed, but . . . doing that it didn't explode.

Swinging around again . . . grab a different arm, duck that one . . . There's Earth . . . I really need to get away . . . but if I let go it'll shoot me . . . but what if I put a gravity hole . . . I'd fall toward it . . . and the Squid would fall away from it . . .

He kicked away from a swinging tentacle . . . unless I put it right inbetween me and the center hub, up there . . . Next time I'm on the Earth-side . . . like . . . right . . . now!

And he was falling upward as the tentacle jerked and he almost lost his grip on it. He saw another tentacle whipping towards him, and threw up an arm to deflect it from his helmet.

I need to kill this thing before it finally kills me!

Although we are gaining altitude pretty quickly.

A glance down . . . to see a red glow around the edges of the asteroid.

"Ohshitohshitoh . . ."

The space plane pulled free, tumbled gracelessly, breaking up and burning, falling behind the asteroid as it's massive bulk plowed through the upper atmosphere . . . and back out into space . . .

Will heaved a relieved breath.

Was swatted loose from the Squid, flailed, applied gravity dimples, upper left, lower right . . . steadied and spotted the squid rotating, orienting on him, the twin nozzles of its weapons coming around as it spun.

He pulled his gun, gravity dimples above and below to steady himself. Aimed just below the top edge of the hub and squeezed the trigger.

The recoil flipped him, despite his dimples. He put a large one over head and fell "downward." Spotted the Squid thrashing, and approached carefully.

The top was open, the odd blue white glow. As if he was looking into a brightly lit room, deep and wide . . . and gone as the fuzzy glow shrank and disappeared.

"Huh. Well, Squiddy, you know what? The both of us are headed into deep space with the Asteroid, not that you care anymore, but I do so let's see if I can still use your weird anti-gravity response to decelerate me, well, both of us, and get me down to Earth before I use up all my oxygen. Right?" He glanced up at this helmet indicators. "Oops, the radio was turned off. Just as well; nobody has the fuel to come and collect me."


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