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_SuperHeroes vs the Space Aliens_ addition to Chapter 7 (part 8)

Will stared blankly at the screen. "Nah, couldn't be. But if you can pickup any communications from NASA--without danger to yourself--about the asteroid, pass it on to me."

Then he got down on the floor and managed a single push up. Rolled over. Managed two situps.

"Well, I don't think I'll be up to Super Strength anytime soon. I ought to go back and ask the Knockout drop girl and her nerd brother how long it took for those rats to get stronger."

He stood up, grinning as he had no trouble doing it.

Clicked through a couple dozen channels then turned the screen off. "I'm going to go sit up on the balcony and watch the moon rise. It's much more entertaining."

"Yes, Master."

"Umm, if you want to watch something . . . Glenda? can you run those things?"

"No, Master."

"Well . . . we'll have to fix that. Let's see . . ." It took a couple of hours and the sacrifice of his burner phone, but he left Glenda cheerfully watching a hideous romcom on the screen in her lacy pink boudoir while he finally made it the balcony

And realized the bloody roof extended out too far to see much. But it was easy enough to hop up onto the garage roof, and from there, get up on the house roof and just lay back on the warm fake shingles to stare at the stars.

My mega computer doesn't need a screen at all, let alone a remote control. It could have just picked up the broadcast and "watched" like that. She is trying to be human. I just hope to hell it's for the fun of it.

But it's going to be interesting, watching her figure it out.

I'll need to figure out a way to operate at least one window manually, so she can't trap me inside this armored fortress.

He sighed at his persistent paranoia. It's just common sense. Really. What happens if there's a power outage? Am I locked in or are all the windows and door unlocked?

And if . . .

He broke off to watch a meteor, a fire ball, cross half the sky and die out overhead.

"That was a pretty one, Master. Where do you think it hit?"

"Most likely it burned up completely, but if anything remained, it would fall pretty much straight down from where it slowed enough to not be burning . . . Hmm, if, highly unlikely, mind you, it was big enough to survive . . . it would fall somewhere around here. I doubt it would be big enough, falling fast enough, to register on a seismograph . . ."

"Oh! I'll check, Master!"

Will grinned and walked back inside. A dig through the USGS earthquake site, and two local colleges and . . . all the regional all had a sharp little peak at about the right time. Take the exact time, the average velocity of a P-wave through the rocks between the seismometer and Las Vegas . . . and that spike could have come from a location down near the Wash, this side of Lake Las Vegas.

"So. First thing tomorrow, I'm going meteor hunting."

He was definitely going to have to augment his wardrobe. Real Soon. But with his old man elastic waist jeans, and a white shirt that wasn't too feminine, he figured he could wander around the desert without getting too many odd looks.

"Master? I have checked several nutrician sites and according to them, you should eat that much bacon and that many eggs for breakfast."

Will paused with a dripping forkful in midair. "I doubt that you will find, anywhere a site with information about a super human rebuilding bone, and muscle strength after receiving a regenerative treatment."

He got several bites in before she spoke again.

"You are right master. I am now consulting sights on rehabilitation and also on nutrician for competitive weightlifters. The beginner's level might suit you best, but you are not working out sufficiently . . . "

Will refrained from hitting his head on the table, since his breakfast was in the way.

"Lets consider a combined approach, starting with rehab, but with my Super metabolism in mind, seguing into the weight lifting as I get back to normal, but keeping in mind that I have no interest in going very far down that road."

He finished up quickly. Loaded a backpack with a few things, took the cane in case he over-did or needed to look harmless, and hit the road.

In that damned little pink car.

There were hiking, biking, and walking trails all over the wash, a few parking spots and picnic tables. Will kept an eye on his GPS and parked within a half a mile of the tentative location. That is, well within the range of error of his calculations.

He set out at a nice brisk pace. Enjoying the morning, being outside, alone, feeling good.

He hardly even minded the buzzing little ATV that zipped around a corner, and up from the stream bed. The last one nearly tipped as the rider tried to catch up with the others. Will stepped off the broad path as the ATV wobbled, the rider looking back. Yelling something at Will he couldn't catch over the noise, then the rider gunned it and zipped away.

As the noise faded, Will heard the shots.

Oh. He was yelling a warning.

Hmm . . . I really ought to be sensible . . .

He trotted forward, staying up on the top trail . . . cut across a bend in the river.

A spotted something . . . a police car, nose down in the shallow water, rear half still on dry ground, just below the steep bank.

Two policemen, one limp on the ground, one standing over him, gun in hand, aim wobbling, trying to aim at a drone flying . . . with dangling tentacles . . .

"What the hell is that?"

"Get out of here, dammit!" The cop took his eyes off the drone for a spit second and it zip toward him, danced away as the cop shot twice more, then an empty click.

The drone charged. The cop dropped a mag and grabbed for another.

And the idiot on the bank leaped on to the cop car, jumped and swung the cane.

The drone dodged, the cane followed and knocked it down.

Will landed. Stomped on thing as it tried the stand on its tentacles and stomped it hard. Stepped back onto two tentacles and held it down with the cane while the cop ran up and emptied his new mag into the center bit.

A tentacle whipped around and smacked his leg hard. Then went limp.

"Ow! Damn!" Will hopped back and set his foot down carefully. Nothing broken.

"Yeah, it hit Abdul's head and dropped him." The cop backed away, and leaned over his partner.

Will pried at the center, pried off a much perforated panel on top. A fuzzy blur white ball . . . shrinking, fading, gone.

"What the hell?" Will leaned and eyed all the wires? Looks more like optical cables. I don't see chips or . . .

Anything made on Earth.

He stepped away. The standing cop was on his radio calling for an ambulance, backup, and lab.

"I'll get up to the road and flag them down." He glanced at the tenticled thing. "Damn kids and their drones." He scrambled up the bank and walked the short distance to the road. The cops arrived first. The ambulance second.

Will departed quietly and drove home thinking about meteors, alien drones, and a larger asteroid that was in bound.

Bah. It was just some stupid kids playing with their robotics toys . . .

My ass.


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