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_SuperHeroes vs the Space Aliens_ part 10

The girl spotted him. Screamed. Dodged. Stuck out a foot . . .

Will went down hard, forced himself up, and lunged for the door, swinging it almost closed be fore someone hit it from the inside, knocked him back . . .

Mike staggered through, and Will threw his weight against the door and finally got it closed.

"Lock it up, Glenda. One hour." A thump from the far side of the door. Faint cussing.

Will turned away, to find himself looking down the barrel of a pistol. "Mike . . . you are trespassing. You do not have a warrant." Enough chit chat. Will stiffened his command stance. "Put that away."

Mike holstered his gun. Startled indignantly. "You influenced me!" He grabbed for the gun.

"No. You may not draw your gun."

Mike huffed indignantly as he struggled, then a wave of something and he staggered drunkenly over and tried to open the door.

"I see Scotch has still got it." Will walked over to the electric car, the girl dodging unsteadily away and around him.

At least she only screamed once.

He opened the tiny boot and hauled out the suitcase with the computer, and the duffle bag, and the small bag with his immediate needs.

He marched quickly out to the van, hoping to lose the drunks . . . didn't work.

He frowned at the van. Actually, since it's been twenty years since I last hot wired a vehicle . . .

"You can nan not shteal a government vehicle!" Mike staggered around to the drivers door, pulling out a fob . . .

"Excellent. Give that to me. And your phone and gun. Thank you." Will unlocked the car and shoved Mike to the third door. "Get in and sleep it off. You can drive later."

He slammed the door, turned and hauled the drunken girl out of the path of a car. Shook his head and opened the second door and waved her in. "I'll drop you off somewhere up the road when you've sobered up enough to not do anything massively stupid." Closed that door.

Around to the front, to peel and stick the fake license on the real one, rub it on to be sure it stuck, the he took the duffle around to the back and tossed it in, then covered the back license.

Hr strapped the suitcase computer in the front seat and turned it on. The bag of immediate needs went in the middle, then he got in and drove off.

"What a pain in the neck. And the traffic's looking a bit heavy. Why don't you keep the house locked for an extra hour?"

He frowned at Mike's gun and phone. "Hey drunk chick? You got a name?"

"Kelly Winter? I'm jes a techie! Why?" She waved her hands around vaguely.

"Why life, the universe, and kidnapping everyone?" Will sighed. "Oh, give me your phone."

"What? Hey, what if my Mom calls. Oops!" The phone hit the floor with a thump. "I can't reach it!"

Will sighed and pulled into the parking lot of a corner store. "I'll be right back."

Plastic bags and aluminum foil, sodas.

When he got back to the van, Mike was still snoring and Kelly was chatting with her mother, who was laughing.

"Oh, Kelly! You have such an imagination! But you really ought to stop reading those sorts of books. You have an important job and . . ."

Will sealed Mike's phone in a bag, wrapped it with foil.

"Mooom! I'm not making it up!"

"And furthermore, Young Lady, I hear your boyfriend snoring in the background. We're going to have a serious talk as soon as you get back from this mysterious business trip you're on!"

"Moooom! Oh, the kidnapper's back, I have to get off the phone now."


Will took the phone from her hands, hung up, turned it off, and started wrapping it up. "She's much happier not believing you. Really, she'd just worry."

He looked around. "Umm, are you sober enough to not play in traffic? I could leave you here."

She giggled and looked out at the cars driving by.

"Oy! Suggestibility. Never mind." He got in and got back on the road. "Sorry about all this, but a good sturdy vehicle with an extended tank is hard to buy. All the carbon offsets you've got to buy, compliance paperwork . . . this modern era has some stupid areas, but it still beats the past."


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