matapam (pamuphoff) wrote,

_Who Counts_ part 7

She shuffled it all into a folder and closed it.

I'm working. I am going to see in how many way the Census Office has already sorted through the data, and how useful that will be for the purposes of redistricting.

And think about my mother later.

The Census Office had everything split up by Region, Division, Traditional Districts and Council Districts. Mail codes, and map grids.

Except the Colonies.

Homestead was split into 200 Voting Divisions, with roughly equal populations, that barely echoed the boundaries of their old administrative areas. But they'd reordered the population data to also show the population in, well, "nations" in English, she had no idea what they were called in TecTalk. Then "states" and mailing codes.

Vista and Tall Trees, of course, had no voting districts. Just whole world votes for their single Councilor.

But Vista was broken up into geographical areas of various sizes for the purposes of the Census, and mail codes. And by Oners, Natives, Native Halfers, Multitude, and Multitude Halfers. And then the Natives by Tribal membership.

Tall Trees was a total mess.

Population estimates of the tribes in the Great Forest were estimates from satellite data.

With statistical calculations of the percentage that were Native Halfers, which varied from 90-100% in the wide areas around the original gate location and the villages nearest Center City, to 0-10% in the far north and the sweep around to the Eastern Tribes, on the far side of the Atlantic Gulf.

Did the Oner army even get to the east side? That small a percentage may just be intermarriage bringing in a few genes. And if they dropped insertion four, there wouldn't even be a fertility problem.

I wonder if anyone's collected enough, or any, genetic data and mapped the spread of the Oner genes? But that's not my job, right now. I'll save it for a school project.

I need to see how to balance out the Populations amongst all the Councilors.

I think I'll start with a map of the One World by Voting District and color code them by percentages over or under 2.4 million. I wonder . . .

She got up and squeezed past Fayt. "Boss? Is ten percent over-or-under 2.4 million per Voting District a reasonable amount of slack?"

"Yep. What are you up to?"

"A color coded map of the the One World, with the districts marked according to population size. I just wondered about the, umm, step size."

"Oh, that could be useful. Go by ten percent steps from either side of 2.5, to show the districts that would need little of no adjustment. You may need to increase the step size, after a few, to get to the big cities without losing the color contrasts. Play around with it, see what is useful."

He leaned a bit to the side. "Still feeling all right, Fayt?"

"I'm alive. I've got growth charts by division. Do you want it finer grained?"

"Hmm, not globally. It'll be useful at a megacity scale when and if they need to split. Play around with . . . What? Azteca, New York, Paris, Al Cairo, Bombay, Peking, and Joberg." Ice paused. "Well, pick one and see what it looks like. Show me, and I'll think about whether we need the same for the other megalopolises."

Silence for a moment. Then, "Is that even a word?"

"Sure to be one somewhere." Ice grinned. The his comm buzzed and he sat back, waved Ruin away.

"Huh. Mega something!" Fayt stretched. "Oh! I feel human again. Sorry about Granny . . . sorry I got too far into party girl mode. Kick me if I do it again, please?"

Ruin squirmed. "I think my Mom was like that. Then after she got pregnant . . . well, she turned around and sort of . . . raise me to be a prude. Kick me if I get my nose up that high again, all right?"

Fayt grinned. "Deal. They really mis-matched us, didn't they?"

"In personality. We're both good at data handling and analysis. So we're probably both better off not getting chased by dinosaurs." Ruin eyed the closed file icon on her screen. "And this is getting interesting."

Starting with a search for 'megalopolis' and where it's used. My Upcomer Tree Boss, who doesn't look a bit Tree, is fluent in pre-nuclear war languages, and has adopted daughters from two different worlds is starting to be a bigger puzzle than my Mom.

But I'm not going to research him from here.

I'll use my own computer on my off hours.

Fayt's comm buzzed. "Hi, Granny."

Ruin tried to ignore the faintly heard, almost understandable, voice.

"Sure. Why don't you come and park here at the office and we can walk to a restaurant . . . no, there are quite a few around here . . . because that's not the life I want . . . fine, have a nice trip." She clicked off.

Heaved a breath of relief. "Granny's going home, since she can't take me out to someplace fancy."

Ice stepped into view. "I'm headed for the tower to talk to my boss, I'll be back after lunch. Don't have too much fun!"

Oh . . . so this might be an opportunity to get some more information on Icka Withione Tall Trees, eh?


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