matapam (pamuphoff) wrote,

_The Destroyer_ part 45

Ice unslung the big gun and started punching holes through the larger vehicle, then both Jeeps to slow pursuit--once they got past them.

Mikel popped the jeep on the left full of holes and they squeezed between vehicles. A moment's repite, Ice pulled out two more mags for the 12mm and handed them to Mikel. Slung the 20mm, pulled his pistol and started shooting to the right as they cleared the vehicles. And ran.

They were all breathing hard, and Ice was having trouble pulling power and holding a shield.

Mikel sweating, almost staggering. "Fuck, I've been slacking off, and I never did practice magic while running."

Ice saved his breath, as he spotted a jeep turning into the street ahead of them.

Furkan stumbled. Ice staggered around the face the oncoming Cyborgs.

Shot two. Swapped mags. Two more, handed Mikel a mag. "Last one." He looked over his shoulder at the oncoming jeep . . . and shoved Mikel's rifle up.

The jeep zipped past them on the right, smashing Cyborgs, skid turned throwing others, and roared up beside them.

Bob grinned. "Need a ride?"

Ice threw Furkan into the front seat, tumbled into the open back. Mikel threw himself in as the jeep peeled out.

Two Cyborgs standing against the steel wall. A fast turn and through the gate.

Ice looked back to see Fred and Ivan leap through, then the street scene shrank and disappeared.

He focused on Gior, stomping up. "Hey, Gior? Next time we try this, let's got the opposite direction, okay?"

She growled and hovered over Fukan. Alia galloped up with bottles off juice, then Tory and Dean took all their guns and the cleaning kit Ice dug out of the weapons bag . . . Animal climbed into the jeep to glare at him, then ran off and returned with a sandwich.

People in uniform showed up to salute Furkan and Mikel, their expressions varying from awed to exasperated and on to concern. Ice was the only one they dared to glare at, although a few disapproving glowers slid Gior's direction.

One of them started acting like a doctor, definitely to Furkan's annoyance.

"A few nicks, scratches and burns. And badly overdrawn at the Magic Bank. And it was all my own fault for underestimating the viciousness of their leadership."

Mikel snorted as he pried himself out of the jeep. "Yeah. The Warrior Ice saved our asses, even if we did have to run like hell afterwards. And stop aiming those guns at Bob. He provided the last minute rescue right when we needed it."

The soldiers scowled and lower their weapons.

Furkan looked around. "And Ice? I really want to learn how to teleport like that."

Ice grinned. "Hopefully you can do it better than I can. The best can go thousands of kilometers. When I'm rested and healthy, I can manage ten. Sometimes."

A big car stopped, nose-to-nose with the jeep. A short plump woman got out and marched up to Furkan. "All right, Dad. Into the car. I'm taking you home to recuperate. Shut up. Move. You too Mikel, you've got a house and three wives, who for some weird reason like you. We'll drop you off."

The two men shifted stiffly out of the jeep and tottered over to the car to be taken away.

Ice leaned back with a sigh. "I'm mostly glad my wife isn't stuck out here too. But right now . . . I think I'll go home and sleep."

"Three days?" Animal scowled at him.

"I don't think so. I just had to do a lot of running and a whole lot of magic, in a short time. I'm not actually damaged. Home, Bob!"


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