matapam (pamuphoff) wrote,

_The Destroyer_

So I'm a bit jammed on the Destroyer, which usually means I've done something my subconscious doesn't like. Sooner or later it'll get it through my thick head, I'll back up a bit then it'll strat flowing again.

In the mean time, I've been wondering about inter spercing a few chapters, from other POVs. Ajha's would be good.

Ajha getting the report in from Gior's "guards".

Ajha and Q on Novaya Moskva surveying the burned ruins of the Cyernetics Center. Q telling him there are no bags or permanent gates on the World, noone who feels like a Oner withing a hundred mile radius.

Ra'd and Ebsa dropping in, "We put our heads together, there's thirty-five DMB World in a total Muck-sweat about the 'Plague that destroys magic.' All over the place. I think Eldon's and his buddies are spreading something we'd better be worried about, ourselves. I dropped somesamples off at the Class A lab, to see what the hell they're doing."

Confronting Eldon. "Me? Nah, I just let them chase me around. I did meet a Oner, guy with an ugly tattoo all over his face, who said he was infiltrating them, so he could sabotage them."
"Tattoo?" Uncle Ajki did say Ice was a chameleon. But why a tattoo? Maybe we'd better start looking for them.

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