matapam (pamuphoff) wrote,

_The Destroyer_ another infill

He walked out, this time. Thinking about how to trick the Russians into an Empty World.

And slowed down.

A big blond guy was standing on the sidewalk, looking around . . . focusing on Ice. "So, you idiots are still trying to catch me. You're getting faster."

Ice frowned. "No . . . oh fuck! You're Eldon!"

A narrow-eyed examination. "Oh, you're a One Worlder."

"Yeah. Umm, I've infiltrated them here, the better to sabotage them."

The big hairy guy laughed. "Infiltrated, eh? Well, I've always found it dead easy. So long as you don't get between a government and its taxes, they really don't care."

"That's what Wolfson says. So . . . what are you doing here?"

"Leading the Mentalists around by the nose. Mostly for the fun of it. The idiots fight each other on sight. It's more fun than marooning them. But since you're here, I guess I'll get going . . ."

"Umm, hang on a bit, if you have any way to pass word along? Tell Wolfson, or the Oner embassy on Embassy that Ice and Gior are alive, well, and totally lost?"

Eldon laughed and turned to stand facing a wall. A gate swirled open in seconds, and Eldon stepped through and was gone.

Damn. I ought to have asked for a ride out of here.

He was turning away when he heard the snapping of electric arcs and spotted the Drei-style gate opening further down the street.

Fuck. Last thing anyone needs is a battle between two bad armies . . .

Ice walked toward the gate as a guy in Russian Hundred style clothes stepped through, cyborgs on his heels.

Ice raised his voice and spoke in Russian, "If you are hunting Eldon, he left as soon as I told him this was a plague world."

The Mentalist stopped dead and backed up. Waved the cyborgs back. "The Plague! That kills our power?"

"Yes. They say that The Destroyer is spreading it!"

The Mentalist paled. "This World will be quarantined." He turned and leaped back through the gate, and it swirled closed.

Ice sighed. "Pity it's not contagious."

He shrugged and headed for the hotel.


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