matapam (pamuphoff) wrote,

_Cool as Ice_ New bonus scene

Bonus Scene Four

Major Onca held up the paper target; the center of the paper dangled in a perfect spiral. The holes were punched with perfect precision, just overlapping.

"Well . . . technically you didn't beat Ra'd's score at four hundred meters . . . but I think I'll just shut up. But I'm going to send this to Ra'd and tell him he's going to have to work on his marksmanship."

Keiq grinned. "Tell him we'll have to have a shoot off at a thousand meters . . . or more."

Onca looked over to where the four winners of the betting pool were laughing.

Rael, Ajki, Ice and . . . Ahfe. I ought to have known better when our top sniper bet on her.

"Right. I'll tell him that."


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