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_The Destroyer_ part 27


A growl from Lucky Dave. "Get an IV into him right now."

Gior sat back and waited. She looked apologetically at Lucky Dave. "Davos is the most likely to die, soonest, so I'm going to work him over first. Then the Prophet, which should be easy. Then you, who will be quite a challenge."

He nodded, and she turned back to the doctor.

"Open your shields and watch me." She sighed. "If I'd given birth, I'd be so much better at this."

"That's an old wives tale."

"I wish!" She pulled the cork on the wine bottle.

"You are not going to give my patient alcohol!"

"Feel it."

The doctor scowled and touched the bottle. Jerked back in shock. "What is that! How many spells has it got in it!"

"Hundreds." She glanced at Furkan. "It will switch to producing physical repair microscopic . . . things. When it's in a badly injured patient."

She turned back to Davos. "Just a tiny bit." She lifted his head and tipped a splash in his mouth.

Davos relaxed suddenly. "It stopped hurting!"

Gior handed the bottle up to Furkan. "Pour a little in the boost and let Lucky Dave have it in a few minutes."

She dropped her shields, and felt for Davos's body, mentally. Magically. Reached out and placed her left hand just below Davos's ribs. Stomach, intact, dropping into the duodenum and into the small intestine.

:: Ileum. ::

Tracing it around to a barely healed nick rough stitching holding it closed. She magnified her vision.

:: Look at the edges, you can see them healing. That's one of the repair nanos at work. :: She kept going, checking more and much worse holes. :: Lucky Dave was damned thorough in his surgery. ::

She felt the Doctor's agreement, felt other echoes. Other people listening in. All the way down to the colon, and up. The entry wound was doing well, the transverse colon untouched, the descending . . . Gior looked at the cobbled together mess and shook her head.

The doctor sent a picture of severing the colon and sticking it through the abdominal wall. :: if it heals, it can be reconnected. ::

Gior sniffed. "It will heal fast." She pulled out of the healing focus to find the nurses frantically mopping up really disgusting stuff oozing out of several holes that ought not be there.

"First, lets get more wine into him. Then I'll clean out the colon, and then I'll do a major repair."

The wine was the easy part. Then a dimensional bubble shoved into Davos's colon, and hole opened and then she carefully scooped up . . . things better left unnamed. Closed it up and let it float away. Back to to the patchwork, mess.

She studied the web of raw new scars, and folded one inward, and cut it out as she directed the lining to reach under it, the next layer and the next, and moved along the scar, to the end.

:: Let me do one . . . :: the doctor took the next and one of his assistants took another.

Gior nodded her approval, took a look at a nasty scarred crossroads and got back to work.

She was shaking a bit when it was done, but made herself correct adhesions all around the exit wound and then took a deep breath and stepped back.

"Now I'm the one who needs the boost." She straightened, tried to look competent. Took a glass from Furkan. Fruit juice. She drained it, felt the sugar flowing into her body. "Oh, I needed that. How about some water, too?"

She walked over to the Prophet, all the medical types following her.

"I have an eyedropper." One of the aids waved it. "We could get the wine into him a drop at a time?"

"Good idea." Gior settled down beside him and put both hands on the man's chest. Relaxed her shields again. :: See the broken ribs? ::

:: Yes, and that one has pierced the lung. ::

:: Right. So we pull it back and look at the lung. A little pressure here where there's bleeding . . . which has stopped. Now a nice broad pull, get the all the bones back together here and then lift them a bit to reattach the cartilage, which I'll do manually. Sort of soften it and mold it together and then let it harden again. ::

:: He was unconscious, Lucky Dave said. ::

:: So lets check his head . . . bruises here and inside . . . ::

:: Concussion. Doesn't look bad. :: The doctor's relief . . . and weariness were clear.

:: Time for a long break. ::

Gior scooted back against a stone and sagged. "Lucky Dave? Keep drinking that stuff. All the nasty puss and stuff needs to be out of your leg and shoulder before I do anything. So I'm going recuperate for a bit."

"Not a problem." He sounded astonished. "It's not hurting, and since there are enough people around to guard the Commander, I'm going to take a nap."

Good idea. Gior leaned her head back and sort of drifted until frantic low voiced demands for gauze brought her fully awake. Medical types--more than she remembered--were wiping away at Lucky Dave's leg.

"That's actually good--getting all the pockets of infection out. Check his shoulder, too."She stretched and looked around. The muffled sound of a small engine in the near distance, probably a generator, judging from the electric cords snaking away from two airconditioners pointing at the patients. A pavilion providing shade . . . and another a short distance away with tables and chairs. Only two of the wives there. The widows and their children must have been transported . . . somewhere.

Makkah? Or to some family, somewhere else . . . except, a hundred and ten years . . . there probably wasn't "somewhere else."

She spotted Furkan coming her way and stepped out to meet him.

His eyes and teeth gleamed. "The Commander woke briefly, chugged your nasty boost and Totalmeal. Told the doctors to stop being idiots and to use this to study the phenomena, and slid back into the healing sleep."

She looked around and shook her head. "You do realize there's no need to stay here? Just put the patents back into a bag and haul them off to a hospital."

Furkan smirked. "Gior, you have done more than any of these doctors thought was possible. They are pretty sure Lucky Dave and Davos would have died without your weird wine. And even the Commander would have needed surgery."

A snort from the young Ra'd who'd walked up unnoticed. "I think they're staying here to keep you here."

Furkan laughed. "Afraid you might escape if we were halfway around the world from your gate?"

Gior rolled her eyes. Cast a look back. "I think Lucky Dave is about ready for some large scale repairs. Then I'll demonstrate a thing called a corridor."

She walked back to the old doctor, and two skeptical new ones. "I'll need you to show me exactly what the shoulders are suppose to look like. Very complex, as I recall."

"Do you have any medical training at all?" One of the new men looked horrified.

"Emergency Field Medicine. That's why I need your help." Gior walked over and sat down as close as possible to Dave's injured shoulder. "Still no pain?"

"No, I'm good. I can actually move it a little."

"Right. So . . ." She put her hands on the joint, closed her eyes and lowered her shields. Felt the old doctor, and distantly, the new.

She studied, first the bones, then the muscles, blood vessels, nerves.

:: There. Start with repairs to the distal end of the . . . ::

She followed the doctor's directions repairing the bones, tendons, muscles . . . if there'd been any nerve damage the wine had already dealt with it.

She surfaced to astonished expressions on the new doctor's faces. Reached for confidence and calm. "I suspect that's going to take some physical therapy. Now lets see your leg. I suspect that's just going to be brute force bone repair . . ."

Some time later, she levitated some rocks over to the wall where the other bag had been hidden--it being the only wall tall enough--and used the stones to step up high enough to pin open the corridor she'd dragged all the way from Paris high enough to allow large vehicles through.

"The bronze is very pretty, and reminiscent of the inside of the bags." Furkans and Ra'd had both followed her.

"Yes, it's a bubble, pinned at a point in Paris, with a second hole that I have just opened here." She turned and pushed in, getting squeezed until she got the other side opened.

A few hundred meters from the gate. She anchored another point, then looked around, holding up the top of the bubble as Furkan stepped through. Took a long look around.

"We really are in Paris. And this is why you walked down here and touched the sidewalk."

"Yes, umm I don't see anything handy to support the top corners. Would you be a sweety and go back and toss those stones through?"

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