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_The Destroyer_ part 21

Various items that he tentatively identified as a boiler for the heating system, which seemed to be separate from the hot water supply, a bunker for coal in between. A laundry, a large kitchen . . . a quartet installing a bomb around a pillar . . .

Smallish figures, in black.

"Seems inefficient, in a hotel with all these wings."

They spun, looking for him. One leaped for the controls and bounced off the shield he'd put up.

"Not too mention all the important Bunnies being in the west wing."

The bombers panicked and started bouncing off shields.

Ice left them too it and examined the bomb. Ammonium Nitrate, Diesel oil . . . He muttered something uncomplimentary and started digging through his bubbles. "Never thought I'd need more . . ." He suppressed a twinge of guilt as he scooped the bomb up with the real Khar.

The bombers suddenly went quiet.

Which enable him, and them to hear the other voices.

Ice got a feel for the basement, and stepped closer to the . . . somewhat undersized bombers. They huddled together. He reached and grabbed, teleported back to the room.

Lada yeeped and flattened herself to the wall, as the bombers scattered, looking for a way out. Freezing as they realized he was between them and the only door.

Lada relaxed she recognized him. "What?"

"Teleportation. And a quartet of Mad Bombers." Ice studied them. The dark hoods had fallen off a couple. A girl, with beautiful brown eyes, black hair half-pulled out of a pony tail, a thin boy, light brown hair and blue eyes. "So are you four from the conquered population or is this German Bunnies versus Russian Bunnies?"

"We're rape bastards and we're going to kill the people who raped our mothers." A growl from the girl. Must be part Hindu, she's going to be beautiful if she lives long enough to grow up.

These two look younger than Lada, but not by much.

"So was this your own bright idea, or are you part of a more organized group?"

Lips firmed up.

"If you are, or meet any such people, I need to talk to them . . . or maybe the other way around. They really do need to talk to me. Tell them," a glance at his watch, "I'll be at the corner of Fifth and Elm at nine o'clock tonight." Ice stepped back and opened the door.

The girl bolted past him and squeezed out, ran into someone . . .

Ice shoved the boys back, slipped out the door, and shoved the fellow holding the girl. Dammit, five of them.

"Mine. You lot go find your own." Ice chopped down on the arm holding the girl, lifted an elbow and popped the guy trying to jump him from behind.

The girl twisted loose, and Ice gave her a shove in the direction of the stairs. Tripped a guy, and looked over the group. "Mind your step around me. Now get."

He heard the slam of the stair door below echoing up the stair well.

Four of them grudgingly retreated. Rafail was the fifth, looking shocked as he fled to his room.

So now the kid thinks I'm a pedo rapist. Oh well, he's probably safer staying very far away from me.

The others all went into a room further down the hall. Ice stepped back into this room. Lada was facing down the other three, all boys.

"Remember. Nine o'clock. Fifth and Elm." A quick glance, "All clear. Get. Quietly and quickly."

Ice tossed up empty hall illusions both ways and boys slid out and down the stair door as he held it open. Ice walked back to this room and leaned out the window. Three foreshortened forms in black racing down the alley to where a fourth was waving.

Ice shook his head. "Teenage mad bombers. One help me."

Lada swallowed. "You . . . really are against the Drei Mächte Bündnis."

"Yes. Lada, if you want to run, to try to avoid being caught and, and . . ."

"No." Her voice a whisper. "But I'll have to, if you get killed."

"I'll be . . . well, I can't be careful, but I promise to be clever. Remember the secret hideaway. Always take it with you. And hopefully Bob will be able to help." Ice bit his lip, and pulled out his bubbles.

The BA20 and ammo, two hand guns, the ammo they had in common, half his clothes. He pulled them out of the weapons bag and closed it up. Handed it to Lada. "That one's full of weapons. I need to show Bob how they work, although I suspect he could figure it out."

She clutched it, eyes widening.

"And the food. I'll just keep a couple of sandwiches in my main bag. Go put them in the hideaway, and here's more money cards." He nudged her. "Go hide them. And no, I'm not planning on getting myself killed tonight, I'm just belatedly realizing how much trouble you'd be in if I don't come back from one of the exploration trips."

She looked around.

"Oh yeah, I'd better go get Bob before someone tries something." Ice sealed up his main bag and slipped it into an inside pocket.

"I want to come."

"All right. Hide those, and close up your hideaway."

Chapter Seven

So Bloody Close!

Gior blew out a tired breath. "I wouldn't mind randomly hopping around the Multiverse, if I could just find Ice and get home for a bit before getting back to it."

Tory grinned. "Well, at least now we have three non-DMB Worlds to shop on. So what are you going to find today?"

"Who knows?" Gior grabbed a bubble, pinned it down and threw it to make a corridor. I can throw them a dozen miles now, but I really do need to advance, get better at it. And maybe I could even find home. Pity the only men around are stupid teenagers, Cyborgs, or Yuri.

Even Ice the iceberg would be an improvement!

She stepped into the bubble, opened and pinned down the other side, moved it a bit so she could use trees for that. Then she sat down and started looking for cones. Grabbed one, then find a world . . . Where the Heck is Home! One caught her eye, and she bumped the cone over to attach to it.

"Uh, Oh, you're right in the middle of a city." Marq Singleton's voice.

"Well let's take a quick look and see. Am I walking into traffic?" She stood up and looked at the people who could actually look through the gate.

"Uh, no, sort of a scruffy park facing a road and a big building. Looks sort of official." Ben sounded nervouse. "And people are starting to notice us . . ."

Gior rolled her eyes and jumped through.

"Oh. My. One! WE DID IT! THAT'S Govern . . . ment . . . House . . . that got blown up last year . . ." Gior sagged. "Crap."


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