matapam (pamuphoff) wrote,

_The Destroyer_ part 7

He did find a grocery store on the way back, and loaded up on everything bready, as well as and fresh fruit and vegetables. Spices, dried soups. Enough wine to elicit an "Ooo! Can I come to your party?" from the middle-aged clerk.

The camp had turned into a fashion show and swap-meet, so he dropped the food off and took the wine to the hospital area.

Bob followed him, frowning down at his fellow cyborgs.

"Guys, we have here a man from the gate maker world. They're a bit stuck, at the moment, due to needing to escape quickly, but they are certain they will get home. Now, Ice the Destroyer here . . . " Three Cyborgs jerked around to look at Ice, ". . . appears to be working his way through the Empire, doing . . . . well, who knows what . . . to the Drei Mächte Bündnis. We can make things difficult for them, like Good Little Cyborgs, or we can help him, like Big Bad Cyborgs, and get back at the people who conquered our world, raped all the women, and brain chipped all the men."

Three grins.

The fourth patient, the Mentalist had paled and scrunched away from Ice.

"That must have been some Precog!" Ice shook his head. "Well, let's see if you three are healed well enough to stand up."

Even Bob looked at him in disbelief.

Ten nodded. "I feel much better. I even walked to the privy. But they broke bones."

Ice just grinned. "Let's see. Bob, you grab one side . . ."

All three of them could walk, and they all headed for the privy.

The mentalist shrank back as Ice studied him. "I don't know about your hip joint. I think I'd better help you to the privy this time, and make you some crutches."

Which was pretty disgusting, in as much as he'd fouled himself already. Either the Cys had stronger digestive systems, or, judging by their gaunt faces, didn't get as much to eat.

But Ice got him cleaned up, into a dead Cyborg's pants and helped him one leg hobble to a clean stretch of grass and lay down.

The kids had made a good job of smoking the meat from the bull, so lunch and dinner were taken care of.

Ice eyed a stand of tall straight pines and decided to get started on a wall. Half the camp followed him, with Gior helping to slice off the branches of the trees he felled, then grabbing a bubble and making the long logs disappear.

They laid them out around the camp, and argued about how much space they needed inside and many logs they needed to make it high enough.

Gior threw a bubble every morning, and Ice stepping through to check his comm for a connection. Never found one. But if they were on a Drei Mächte Bündnis world, he'd make a quick trip to any water towers in sight for a quick treatment.

The kids only crossed when they needed something. Laundry soap and a big basin. Pipes with one way and hot spells. A small wooden shed for a shower room . . .

It was a busy three weeks, getting the camp in really great shape.

And every morning, meditation and magic lessons.

They all sourced from heat. Ten--the gate maker clone--picked it up quickly, the other three Cyborgs were slower, but they were all part Drei and had the genes for magic. The kids were also part Drei, but younger and completely inexperienced.

None of them will be very strong, but maybe they can do enough to slip under the notice of anyone stronger . . . although . . . I'll most likely take them all home with me.

Which . . . will be interesting to try to explain to Keiq.

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