matapam (pamuphoff) wrote,

_The Destroyer_ part 6


Chapter Two


A street, a few cars, an office building across the street. Pedestrians giving him suspicious looks as they hustled past, or baked away.

Ice stepped through and stepped away to look around. The gate was up flat against a wall . . . and a solid brick wall.

A quick illusion and it "disappeared." The pedestrians were scurrying away, now. And Ice beckoned.

Bob was first through, and gave a relieved sigh. "Power! The bad news is that that means we're in the DMB."

"And the good news is, we can buy clothes and food, not have to steal it." Ice hesitated. "Assuming the chips I've got are usable here. And we'll need a map, to find a store."

Bob tapped his skull plate. "I'm fetching it right now. We're in Madrid. How's your Spanish?"

"I'll get by. I don't know about the kids . . ."

"They ought to have learn it in school. You . . . won't be able to pass for a mentalist dressed like that."

"Oh." Ice looked down at himself. Considered what the mentalist had been wearing and cast an illusion. High necked jacket, long sleeves. Black. Fancy buttons, embroidered in gold and red on the collar and cuffs. Black pants, polished black shoes.

"Uh . . . Right. You are a Mentalist in the Juvenile Training Department. You are assisting these young people in shaming themselves for rejecting Proper Behavior. Their family fines are going to pay for their new wardrobes." Bob grinned. "I am your assistant."

"Right. The kids are in Juvie, I'm their case workers, and you're here to make sure they behave. Gottcha."

The kids had all been popping out of the wall as they spoke, and there'd been a lot of snickering about Ice as their official minder. And embarrassment about their make shift garb.

Gior grabbed nothing and stuck it on the wall. "So I can make a corridor if we need it."

Bob pointed. "Mega Mart, that way."

Ice stuck his nose in the air and led the way.

The manager of the Mega Mart hustled up, appalled.

Ice let out some glow and looked him up and down, as he fell silent and paled. "They are . . . being educated. Thirty-two Seven Eighty will ensure that all goods are paid for. Go away."

The manager shot a look at Bob and went away.

It took a few stern glances, but the kids restrained themselves, getting a couple of sturdy outfits each and Ice added a weak unnoticeable spell to his layers and steered a cart around piling in packs of underwear and socks, a swoop through housewares for a couple of frying pans and big pots . . . cooking utensils, plates and flatware . . .

Fortunately the Bunnies cash cards seemed to be universal throughout their amoeba-like empire. Gior opened the Corridor, they formed up and tossed the goodies through the corridor and then the gate back to their camp.

Ice looked from the gate to the top of the water tower barely visible between buildings. "Gior? How about another corridor, with a handle? I think I'll do some . . . grocery shopping."

She followed his gaze to the water tower and grinned. "Of course. Why miss an opportunity while we're here?"


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