matapam (pamuphoff) wrote,

_The Destroyer_ part 4

Ice fitted a couple more kids up with tunic or serapes or whatever you wanted to call them, all of them eyeing Gior . . .

She was crying again. "I can't find another one!"

Ice knelt. "Relax. Take a deep breath. I heard Q say something about the powered gates chasing them away. Look out a little bit further . . ."

She took a deep breath and quieted. Ice stepped away. Closed his eyes and felt all the people headed their way. He walked over to the door to the stairs.

They're right underneath here, putting up something. Shaped charge to hole their ceiling and our floor?

We need a distraction. Hmm, all those holding cells down there . . .

He pulled up a rotary spell that usually worked to unlock things, pulled heat from the air and threw it hard.

And maybe a push spell? Could he loosen the charge, or, of course, set it off.

He waved Bob back, as he backed up and threw the spell. A faint vibration as the concrete and metal of the floor refused to be pushed. But a feeling of panic and consternation from below. No explosion through, and a lot of movement . . . ah, escaping prisoners, as they realize their doors are unlocked.

"Yes!" Triumphant tones. Gior stood up, and grabbed the nearest kid and pointed. "What do you see?"

"A bunch of grass and stuff? It needs to be mowed."

Gioor shoved him through and jumped herself. The rest of the kids crowded through, Ice shoved a couple who were waffling, and glanced down the room at the kids who'd already been chipped.

Bob shook his head. "The worse has already been done, they'll mostly be fine." Then he shoved Ice through.

Ice staggered over rough ground. "Gior, can you find another cone to close it?" He looked behind. "Crap. I'll be right back . . ."

He jumped through. Bob was facing down the hall, laser arm raised. the edge of the stair door was glowing red.

"Don't be stupid. C'mon."

"I won't belong anywhere you came from. I'll hold them off as long as I can, get those kids away from your gate."

"So why not join the Free Cyborg Rebellion."


"Yes, there is one. Come on, Gior can close the gate."

A shower of sparks as the torch broke through the door.

Ice grabbed the Cyborg's good arm and hauled him back and through the gate.

Tripped over Gior.

Did not scream in frustration.

"Sorry, Gior you need to move, so you don't get shot though the gate. Come around to the back . . ."

He grabbed her arm and hauled her around by force.

"Everybody, clear out of the area!" he started to point . . . at the rather large bovines . . . who were looking belligerent . . . and changed the direction of his gesture. "Get away from the gate and away from the big cows."

They backed away, one of them, a girl maybe? Bolted, and the rest turned and followed.

A huge bull stalked forward, wicked long horns pointing forward.

A cloud of smoke billowed through the gate.

Ice pulled power. I'll need to shield Gior and the other kids, although I suspect they'll mostly be shooting at me.

Bob raised his arm.

"Ah, Bob? I'm going to raise a shield . . . I'll tint it a little so you can lean around it . . ."

Cyborgs leaped out of the gate. The bull lowered his head and charged.

A screaming Cyborg flew through the air. Two more were trampled. Bob's laser took out two . . . a little flick of light, and he started cursing. "Out of charge!"

A man in an elaborately embroidered suit stepped through, surrounded by Cyborgs.

And the rainbow distortion of the back of the gate shrank and disappeared.

Excellent. Five Cyborgs and a mentalist to deal with, and we've got help.

The mentalist turned and spotted Bob. Smiled nastily. "So, Seven Eighty. You actually thought you could get away from me?"

Bob swayed hands going to his head.

Ice spared enough from his shields to call up one of his newest spells . . . Call me Bob. He dropped the chain spell over Bob's head.

Bob started, then grinned. "Now if only there was broadcast power here, I'd do something I've longed to do for a long time. Ice, do you have any weapons in that backpack of yours?"

Ice grinned back. "Not needed, they've turned their backs on that pissed off bull . . ."


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