matapam (pamuphoff) wrote,

_The Destroyer_ part 2

:: Do. Not. Let. Them. Capture. A. Gate Maker. ::

A faint impression of a confused fight, then nothing.

Oh, we're screwed if they've captured Gior.

And that means they've captured the gate, because only Gior can take it down!

And it's to a hub world. And only two guys two hold it? They'd better get an alarm out!

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!

Ice took a deep breath and force himself to go cold.

First priority is to get Gior, or anyone else they've captured back. Quickly. So . . . would they take them to their Police HQ first, or straight to the Cyberntics Center to implant at least a control chip.

Another deep breath.

Since there's not a hope in hell of me getting into Police HQ, I'd better head for the CC.

He closed his eyes and felt for people. Rather a lot of them, standing around. Two right outside the hatch. A quartet in the middle of the coarse lawn.

Examining the tools I dropped? That was maybe three meters from that recognition spot I picked up. And I really don't think using the recognition point by the gate is a good idea just now.

Dear One! Gior, you'd better not have gotten caught!

So this'll be a bit tricky. Assuming I can do a short teleport, now.

He stood up, lit a tiny light, and picked up all the wrappers and bottles. Shouldered his backpack.

Here. That spot right there. The teleportation spell connecting them. Light warp. Pull power from the warm air and pour it into the spell, and step forward . . .

He stepped back from the Cyborgs examining the shovel and metal detector. Turned and walked quietly away. And not to the gate, it had guards now. Besides, I need to head west, so some where along the west wall . . .

The west gate was guarded as well.

One! I'm going to exhaust myself again, just getting out of here!

He chose a nice blank, ordinary stretch of wall for the next bit. A ledge for a foot up half, a meter, another higher than that, a hand hold just below the top.

Back three steps and run at it. One foot, two, grab the hand hold, other arm over the top. He paused at the top to smash his molded concrete steps flat. Looked down at a parking lot, and lowered himself down to a car's hood. Eeled between cars . . .

I'd better steal something a little further from here. Not leave too obvious a connection between the city water supply and the dimensional gate they've discovered.

He swiped his hands low along the sides of the cars he was walking between, rubbed his filthy hands across his hair to darken the blond a bit. Did they get a good look at me? Shed the heavy shirt, rolled it up and stuffed it in his bag. Pulled out a casual plaid shirt, a white cap with a visor . . . Into and out of a store's doorway, dropping the light warp.

Trotted to catch a bus heading the right direction, stopped right there. The fare machine apparently found his ID acceptable.

He got off the bus, warping light as he stepped down and swung around out of the dirver's sight.

The woman getting off after him blinked and looked around, shrugged and walked away.

Ice hustled a block to the . . . well, no way he was going to call it a hospital. The Cybernetics Center. Sounds so innocuous, like they do research. And maybe they did once. But their tech has been frozen for centuries. Possibly millennia.

The front looked innocuous as well. But there was a police vehicle pulling away from the far side. Ice trotted down and took a look. A van, backed up to a loading dock with large door open behind it. Two Cyborgs in police uniforms getting back in the front of the van and driving away. The door started sliding closed. Ice bolted over, vaulted on to the dock and leaped through the door.

One Cyborg turned away from a control panel, obviously not noticing the slight distortion of the lightwarp.

The echoing of multiple foot steps from down the hall covered Ice's movement as he strode out to catch up to the figures ahead.

Four Cys in plain outfits, very similar to what on Earth would have been called scrubs. They bracketed two wobbly figures in regular clothes.

Complete strangers.

Ice swallowed, not sure whether he was glad or not. He followed them to a room labeled in-processing

The woman at the desk looked put out. "This is the second unscheduled delivery. The surgery schedule is full." She pointed a gun like thing at the two youngsters. "Put them in 134 and 148." A sniff. "They can do them tomorrow. A girl! Mostly useless, and she's not even pretty."

Ice wasn't sure how to parse that, but . . . was the surgery schedule full because of Gior, or had it already been full and she was in one of 148 or more rooms? Cells?

He shifted to follow them, looking down the other two hallways . . . a Cy orderly pushing a gurney with a person strapped on it down the hallway to the left. Turning and disappearing.

Ice hustled down . . . to an elevator. He got on an elevator . . . and according to the indicator went up two floors. And there are the stairs . . . Ice slid through the door and ran up two flights of stairs.

Reached for the door knob and froze at a faint scream.



From higher up.

He charged up another flight of stairs. No sound now but as he eased the door open, thumping and a crash.

Stepped out and spotted the struggle in one of the open bays.

Three Cyborg cops, two Cyborgs in what was probably disposable medical tunics. One young woman, buck naked..

Gior was kicking and hitting, held off the ground by a cop wwith onne arm around her ribcage, the other over her mouth. Another cop was trying to grab a flailing arm. The third was standing back, apparently enjoying the show as the doctors hopped around with things in their hands that they probably wanted to stick into Gior.


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