matapam (pamuphoff) wrote,

_Cool as Ice_ part 19 rewrite/addition

Jax looked around at Ice. "After you two move in, you're going to need a maid and a cook, right?"

"Yeah!" Joke started grinning. "We could wear really short dresses with frilly white aprons!"

"Garters, fish-net stockings and high heels!" Jax's toothy grin was alarmingly wide.

Ice back pedaled and tried to hide behind Keiq.

"Oh no you don't, buster, you have to handle this all on your own." She elbowed him back out.

Ice cleared his throat. "First, I can't afford to hire actual employees. Second, garters and fish-net stockings are a bit too much. Third? The size of this place makes rollerskates more practical than high heels . . . well, apart from the stairs."

The twins' eyes rounded, and the turned to look at the huge space. "Rollerskates!"

The Silver Grill catering team showed up with a trailer that was a grill and work surface. Ice handed over cash cards and they got to work. Ice showed off with more persistent light balls both inside and out, then the big limos with Izzo, Ox and their wives. Ajki and Poppy . . .

Ox laughed and gave Keiq a gentle thump, "Did you think the bosses were going to miss seeing the wreck slowly taking shape?"

"Or not grab an excuse to get out of the office and do something different?" Izzo strolled up. "All those nasty guards glared and said I wasn't allowed to climb ladders."

Xiat snickered. "All you missed was two large empty rooms with gorgeous sunset views. Upstairs. Apparently the basement floor is going to get some sort of sealer, to make it the perfect roller-rink."

Ice pinched his nose. "Fortunately the terrible twins aren't ice skaters. Or at least they haven't mentioned flooding and freezing the basement."

"Yet." Keiq shook her head. "Ice, does anything normal happen around you?"

Ice looked around. Logs had been removed from his stack and were being used as seating. Food was disappearing as fast as it was cooked. Sodas and beer getting taken from buckets of ice. And now music from the ballroom . . .

"This isn't normal?"

Rip, shadowing the president, laughed. "Only if you want to turn this into Black Horse Party Central."


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