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_Cool as Ice_ part 18

The lights dimmed. Not much, but apparently that was the signal to grab a seat.

Keiq wound up with Ice on one side, and Bunny on the other, as a pre-show interview with the producer, talking about the "myth" behind the story.

"Oh, this is just a tall tale, but we decided to take it over the top!"

It was definitely over the top.


As the ending credits rolled, Lucky Dave looked over at Isakson. "I personally shot more drugged up Dragon Soldiers than that, and the Commander had two machine guns on the west."

Isakson nodded. "They left out the snipers that climbed up over the shoulder of the mountain, and the avalanche you started when you shot back."

Lucky Dave sat up indignantly. "Did you think that was an accident? You did notice that it crushed their flank attack, right?"

Ice leaned over to whisper to Keiq. "They're lying, right?"

She shook her head, speechless.

"In any case, that was the last time we had to fight the Dragon soldiers. Poor fools, hopped up on One knows what drugs. Absolutely berserker, with no sense of self preservation." Lucky Dave put his feet up, an arm around a tall young woman, glowing with power.

The second movie had Isakson, Lucky Dave and Davos howling with laughter.

Davos, nearly breathless, "He had a marble, and he'd do the sleight of hand thing with us kids, scrunching his eye shut as he rolled the marble around in his fingers. Bounce it around the corner and pretend he could see what ever was there."

Isakson nodded. "Funniest damn thing, all the kids believing him. Then he'd get them to help him find his eye and pretend to pop it back in."

"He always said he'd never die in battle. I wonder if he had a precog about that old lady?" Lucky Dave shook his head. "Now I dare you find something worse for your third movie. Vid. Whatever the hell."

Ux looked around innocently. "Oh, we thought you'd like to see one of the later battles. So . . . Assault on Buenos Aires."

The Rangpur survivors all snickered through the whole film, hissed as the incompetent General Moro decided that his communications were being intercepted, and waited to the last minute to warn Mikel that a nuclear strike had been authorized. Growled at the mad scramble to get all of his troops out of the city, Mikel's squad last out, driving like madmen, shields behind them as the missile arrowed in, with a brilliant flash, the blast wave shaking their vehicles, the mushroom cloud climbing . . .

And cheered at the wrap up scene as Mikel punched out the general, and walked out.

Isakson sighed. "The only thing I disbelieve is Mikel not killing that moron."

Nods from all the people who'd known him.

Ice sighed. "Now I really hope the house isn't haunted."

Keiq rolled her eyes and glanced at her watch. "And my car's there. I ought to have though to have driven down here, not gotten chauffeured."

Scar laughed. "Not to worry, Ice'll make them take you wherever you need to go."

"Damn straight!" E-One called from the back.

"Hey!" E-Two sounded indignant. "Your shift's over in fifteen minutes."

"And you're not on duty yet!"

Ice shook his head. "Let's get out of here. I have to go to work in the morning."

Keiq grinned. "Let's see, Thursday, so you'll have to commute downstairs?"


Scar shook his head. "I still don't believe you managed that. But then you are turning into a slimy Ministry wonk."

Ice just laughed and headed for the doors. E-One was placated by a promise that he could pickup Ice and take him to Mikel House for the tour.

E-Two looked hopeful. "I'm off duty, I could pickup the deadly duo and meet you there?"

Ice raised his brows.

"Our girlfriends. They're twins. With worse hours than we've got." E-one grinned.

Keiq's turn to raise brows. "Is there any such thing?"

E-Two nodded. "Yeah. Jax is a chef, works lunch through late dinner then cleans up. Joke works for a cleaning service, works the offices downtown, vacuuming and dusting from eight in the evening to four in the morning."

Ice grinned. "Sounds like you two lucked into the perfect matches."

"Yep. And tomorrow . . . today, rather, is Jax's day off, so she can come too . . . If you don't mind?" E-Two squirmed a bit. "I don't mean to be pushy . . ."

Keiq laughed. "So long as they don't want to hold a seance . . ."

They both laughed. "Yeah, we heard about that. Not that we believed more than half of it, mind you."

Ice spread his hands. "I don't know know why everyone thinks I exaggerate."

Keiq snorted. "I've heard a couple of your tall tales, buster. And the indignant denials and corrections of people who were there."

Multiple affirmative from behind them, along with "when do we get to see it?"

Ice threw up his hands. "Open house . . . this evening. Probably sixish. It's still seriously undone."

Keiq yawned. I'll spend the night with Ice, get up early and get out to the house for the sprinkler guys, and the door and windows guys . . .

Chapter Ten


16 Emre 1422yp

"For better or worse, Ice is right. We need to check the Embassy Library and Disco for anything and everything they have."

Ice nodded. "Do you need a guide? I've hunted through the library before, and I know Wolfson."

"Yep. We will continue to use your ability to open doors."

Drat, I need sleep, I need to work on the house . . .

"Well they're six hours ahead of us, so we can start with what's available. XR has people out grabbing or creating digital files of every thing in the library, but I don't know how far behind they are at getting it up for people like us to use." He'd been tapping at his comp as he talked. Synced to the monitor on the wall. "There's the whole site . . . and they appear to have a hefty file on the Drei Mächte Bündnis . . ."

Erzo nodded. "Right everybody down load it all . . . we can postpone the trip until monday or tuesday of next week. I hate waiting that long . . . Ice?"

"I'm marking the reports that are copies of what I dumped to everyone the first day we met. That you've already read. So . . . there aren't too many new files."

"Right, we'll do it tomorrow, everyone go read. Ice, can you come hold our hands tomorrow?"

"Shouldn't be a problem. I'll download those new reports and then head for Versalle and see if there's anything they need me to finish up before tomorrow. And read."


Ox told him to read his reports and he'd send something out for him, at the "Open House" half his off duty people were intending to attend.

Ice snorted. "I'm a bloody spectator sport."

Ox laughed. "Relax today. You'll be up late tomorrow after a trip to Embassy. I purely hate corridor lag."

So he headed for the house. Which was full of workers installing the fire suppression system. And a team of people measuring windows and doors.

Keiq, biting her lip, sidled up to him. "This is getting expensive, even though you are doing a ton yourself. Umm . . ."

"Nah, I'm good. Now If I had to pay you for everything you're doing, I'd be in trouble."

She punched his arm.

"Hopefully I can, oh, find some way to make you a co-owner. I've heard there's a real easy way to do that, but since you still seem a little leery of that method, I'll have to try something else . . ."

That was good for another arm punch. Ice grinned. "I'm going to see about pulling some of that rusty metal out of the staircase and repairing the supports for these staircases. I'm getting just a bit sick and tired of climbing ladders."


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