matapam (pamuphoff) wrote,

_Warrior at Large_ part 25

 Sorry, we defied the Government by having friends over for dinner and board games, so a small snippet today:


Ajki walked back to Foo, and spotted the activity in the Black Horse . . . "Oh. One. Isakson's taking the Warriors in?"

"All of them but Izzo and Qayg. And Ice of course." He broke off at muffled shots from inside. "Who's still in there. We're getting enough feel through the methalformaline spray to be pretty sure that's him in there shooting people. The really sensitive sorts say there are Bunnies dying regularly, every time there's a firefight." He winced. "And some Puppet Guards."

"Damn. Good that Ice is still . . . but dammit, there's still shooting?"

"Yeah. We've grabbed a couple of the Puppet Guards and Chained them. They all say the guys in khaki uniforms are home-grown Bunnies, lots of mental modeling. They won't quit just because they've lost their controller."

A ute pulled up and Rael hopped out, waving a short metal rod. "We've bagged a very strong mentalist. Badly injured, so who knows how much information we can get out of him."

Ajki stared at Government House as more gunfire broke out. "Hopefully by the time we question him, it'll just be follow up."


Two more soldiers down and then Ice dived through the door into the reception area, empty, rolled to his feet and rushed the office, reaching for Speed . . . Afgu was alone, reaching for controls . . . pushing a button as Ice rammed him to the side. A quick look . . . a screen with numbers scrolling down . . .

"If that's minutes and seconds, we're in big trouble."

A mad cackle from Afgu. "I'll take the Destroyer with me!"

Ice grabbed him by the lapels and threw him at the guards. "Get him out of here, hurry. Main Doors are closest!" He dropped all his shields.

:: BOMB! Five minutes! Get out! ::

Then he ran. Afgu was fighting the guards who each had one of his arms. Ice reversed his rifle and swung it in a controlled smack to Afgu's head. His knees buckled and the guards ran for the stairs, dragging the president between them.

Ice spotted khaki uniforms and shot them both. Ran past the goons and opened the door to the emergency stairs. A quick glance, nobody there.

Ice galloped down, out the door on the first floor, empty hallway, he ran toward the rotunda, flattening himself against the wall, looking around the corner.

Two machine guns, aiming at the main doors from behind bulwarks of furniture and tumbled statues.

Dammit, we'll never make the front doors.

He glanced behind as the guards dragged Afgu up. "Right. I'll take on the machineguns, you two get him out of here."


"Because he's the President. And I want to see him executed for treason."

"One!" E-two or whatever his name was, looked over at E-One.

Who nodded. They heaved the twitching man on Ice.

"You get him out of here. We'll do the machine guns."

They hefted their rifles and were around the corner at the run.

Ice cursed, grabbed Afgu's arm to get it over his head, stooped a little and heaved the not quite limp man over his shoulder. He staggered into the rotunda and turned left. Keeping close to the wall, shield behind him.

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