matapam (pamuphoff) wrote,

_Cats and Crows_

I haven't the fainest idea where this will go, but the neighborhood animals were bound to be odd.

Cats and Crows

Pam Uphoff

“And furthermore, I have too many projects already to be adding you guys to the list!” Exzy glared at the cat, and then up at the crow. “Besides, neither of you are really smart.”

Unless my Wine samples had something from Rip Crossing that added smart genes. But I only gave the cat a bit of the Elixir of Long Life for Dogs. And I may have spilled the horse version, but even the dead bugs ought not have gotten very much on them.

So they didn’t get the same thing, and it’s just my imagination. They may live a long time, and the cat is looking younger, but they’re just normal smart animals.

“But I’ll keep feeding you if you’ll stop fighting.”

The cat, who belonged to his next door neighbors, yawned and looked away.

The crow, who belonged to no one, ruffled his feathers and muttered a complaint.

Fortunately not in English.


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