matapam (pamuphoff) wrote,

_Cyborgs_ part 18

Cinco led the way, two blocks down the alley then cutting up to a wide road. Nearly empty, Eldon watched a semi backing up to a loading dock. "Guess that's why the road is so wide, eh?"

Cinco snorted. "Someday I want to see what kind of world you came from."

Eldon snickered. "I look forward to your utter shock and gape mouthed disbelief. Now about these taxis?"

"It's been a long time since I've been home. If the people I'm going to try to find have been taken . . . I may be calling the police bunnies down on us. So let's get further way from the gate before I break into one of these warehouses and use their telephono."

"Excellent idea." They retreated to the alley and trotted three more blocks, corssed the broad street and down a cross street.

Cinco eyed door. "It'll have alarms."

Eldon scratched his cheek. "Then let's do it this way." He grabbed a bubble, stuck it to the wall, opened it and stuck the other three corners down. Shoved the bubble deeper and opened a little hole, lots of paper, closed it and shoved deeper. Opened to a dark room and reached through to pin it open.

Eldon stepped in, squeezing down some heat for a bit of light.

"Records room." Cinco snorted and headed for the door. He found a telephono and sat down at the desk. "Damn I hope this works."

He punched in a batch of numbers. "Of course, this time of night, there's probably only some clerk . . . Numero uno, seis, quartro, ocho, cinco, cinco. Necesecitas tres cars y drivers/// at the corner of /// . Un . . ."

He stopped and listened, a smile spreading. "Pequito Jose . . . Si. They did. And now I have a chance to use it against them. . . . Un hora, por favor." He hung up still smiling.

"So, Little Jose can get us what we need?" Eldon eyed the Cyborg. "And you were something in Intel, before the bunnies got you?"

"When I was young a foolish. And then when I was old and foolish I got into politics." Cinco shrugged. "But it was nice to hear an old friend's voice. Let's get out of here, in case the call was traced."

Jannon hunched his shoulders as he stepped back in the records' room. "If the Bunnies tapped the line, they'll know where to pick us up."

Cinco chuckled. "No. Or only if the listeners also know the old protocol on numbers and such." They stepped through the corridor to the sidewalk, where the rest of the group waited, and Cinco led off down the street.

"Cinco, how long do you guys live?"

"Before the invasion, Reset would give us another century. It loses effect after about three rounds. I don't know if they're still manufacturing it. Or any other pharmaceuticals. The Bunnies, as you call them, only value what they can grab and carry away."

Eldon eyed the Cy.

Who shrugged. "I'm noticing symptoms of the end stages. So I'm delighted at the prospect of a glorious Last Deed."

"Pessimist. After we're home safe, I'll fix you up with some more magic potions, and you can have extra opportunities for glorious deeds."

Cinco sighed. "I would like to see the end of this insane rebellion of yours."

"Not mine. I'm just pissed about the kids. No, you guys who really care, you're the one who'll take the opportunity I just handed you, and win. Because it really matters to you. My interest is . . . light weight."

"You are not doing this for fun!" Icarus boggled at him.

Eldon laughed. "No. I'm doing it to keep the Bunnies away from that world I'm living on. To make sure they don't come back and get Jau again. To . . . I dunno. You guys needed a hero, and I was handy."

Oh shit! No, no, no! Not even thinking about it!

"Fun doesn't even come into it." He bit his lip, shrugged. "Payment for past sins, yeah a bit. Never wanting to look back and say 'why did I do that' again, yeah a bit. But fun? No. It's just something that needs to be done. And I won't look back and say 'Why did I walk away?' I just can't do that." Anymore.

Cinco grinned. "All right. I have to survive this, just so I can get you drunk and hear all about it."

They walked around the corner and into an ambush.

Eldon brought up shields, but the men behind the guns weren't firing. Yet.

Cinco pointed his cyber arm down, his flesh arm up. "Are you insane, to come yourself?"

"Dios! It is you. And in the uniform of the enemy?"

Eldon grinned. "Kinda hard to walk into the Reichstag and blow it up, otherwise."

Cinco's buddy eyed him. "I don't see much in the way of explosives and what good will it do? It's just a building."

Eldon nodded. "That holds their gate mech, unless they've moved it since Cinco here was one of you?"

The man stepped around to look him over. "Dios! You think you can get that close to the gate?"

"Yes." Eldon shrugged. "It's the getting away that may be a bit . . . difficult." He eyed the cars, pulled out his pocket flask, and got to work. A series of glyphs, a copy on each side, front read and top of each car. Humming a bit under his breath. Thank you Fean the Fiend, for the story of the "Big, black, important car."

"Diego, who is that man? Mentalist?"

"Wizard!" Eldon tossed over his shoulder. "I haven't the faintest desire to conquer worlds or enslave people, and I sure as all hell do not want to crawl around in their minds."

Cinco, who was apparently a Diego, shrugged. "A miracle. Jose, I need you three to drive right up to the steps of the Reichstag. We get out and escort this very important person up the steps. At that point we'll see how far we can get before the shooting starts."

Jose took a deep breath and nodded. "We'll wait for you."

Eldon snorted. "Don't be daft. If you must, get around to the west side, five blocks away. If we can get out of the building, we'll take you up on the offer of a ride. Now let's get going. It's time for the Big Entrance."


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