matapam (pamuphoff) wrote,

_Cyborgs_ part 4

Exercising in the middle of the night? Not likely.

The specials apparently felt the same, as they turned and followed, rushing from shadow to shadow.

“Hey you! Get out here where I can see you!” A Cyborg, pointing . . . his mechanical arm at a shadow. Three more Cys popped out of small shelter ahead, this time raising some sort of weird guns.

They look like Hollywood props, but I’ll bet they’re a bit more dangerous!

Eldon called up his unnoticeable spell, and trotted forward as quietly as he could.

Shit, don’t start shooting! Once the noise starts, we’ll have a hard time keeping this under control.

The first Cy leaned toward the Special in the shadow. A second Cy strode up, tall and broad, the moon light shining on gray hair. He flicked on a light and spotted the special. A faint flash from the first Cy, missed as the old Cy shoved him.

“You . . .”

The young one turned on the old . . . who cried out, clutching his head, knees giving way . . .

The third Cy ran straight into Eldon’s bubble. He slapped the bubble on his arm to attach it, grabbed another and swopped it over the two Cys, one crouched at the feet of the other. Slapped that one on his arm and looked around. All quiet. He let the unnoticeable spell go.

The specials slipped out of their shadows and stared at him. Eldon grinned. “Shall we check out where that squad was headed?”

“Yeah.” The head special turned and trotted up the road.

Horus, looked around and nodded. “They really hate trees, don’t they? I think this is one of the side canyons that flanks the fort. Let’s see if they have any heavy weapons up there.”

They walked quietly up the road as it climbed up toward the mountains, dark silhouettes against the stars.

One of the specials ghosted up beside Eldon. “So how come you don’t need night vision goggles?”

“Magic.” Eldon snickered. “Also genetic engineering.”

And that’s why those Cyborgs didn’t seem to see you?”

“Yep. Magic spell that makes them not notice me.”

“Huh.” He drifted away. The road bent a few times, paralleling a stream, a bare trickle of water between big boulders

Multiple footsteps ahead. They scattered and got behind rocks, not depending on shadows this time.

A dozen Cys trotted past, going downhill, this time. Same ones? More likely a shift change up ahead.

They waited until they were well past, then took to the road again.

Climbed upward and found a small flat area. Three . . . things. Stubby troughs aimed northeast, elevated enough to throw stuff over the ridge . . . big rings around the trough.

“Rail guns.” One of the specials hissed.

“They’re too short.” Another breathed.

“Nah, these are like mortars. They only want their loads going fast enough to pop over that ridge and drop on that fort on the other side.”

Eldon nudged Lyle. “And there’s that tank you were wanting.” It appeared to be parked, facing up the steep continuation of the road they’d climbed.

Horus was looking up that steep slope. “From up there I could signal the fort.”

Rista shook her head. “Accomplishing nothing. Risking your life.”

He winced. “Yes. Well, Eldon, that disappearing Cyborg trick? Can you disappear a tank and three mortars? And the ammunition would be in that bunker. I’ve a mind to remove some of their ammunition in a rather loud way.”

Rista actually flashed a grin. “And dat vill send a message to da fort.”

Eldon translated for the specials, who looked quite eager as they eyed the ammunition bunker.

“Not that we’re supposed to take any hostile actions, but ammo is kept in bunkers because of the high risk of something happening.” The leader looked around at Eldon. “Mind you, we’ll have to leave in a bit of a hurry.”

“I’ve got the corridor.” Eldon touched his right shoulder. “In fact . . . let me put it around the back of this boulder, in case I get into trouble.”

Then an unnoticeable spell and he walked past the “mortars” giving them a good hard look-over. They had a berm of sand bags all around each one. Why?

Eldon sighed and wondered if perhaps he should study modern warfare . . . sometime. In the far distant future.

The tank was unmanned. So he scooped it up first. Then the first mortar. The Cy crew all laid down for a nap, and he laid an illusion of the “rail gun” over it, then scooped up the whole thing. The five bomb looking things, too.

No alarms raised.

Same with the second.

He was just putting the third crew to sleep when a sharp voice from the direction of the bunker ruined the silence. A stir all over the camp, running feet.

No commands? Radio or . . . Eldon cracked his shield a bit, something way down . . .

:: Surround them, keep them away from the bunker. ::

:: Must have snuck in from the festung. Verdammt noch mal! ::

:: Sie sind unten in den Felsen! ::

Down in the rocks? Good, they’re probably all gone. Eldon looked mentally. Spotted them slipping away. Excellent! Now I just need to get myself out of here.

He swooped a bubble around the last mortar and vaulted over the sandbags.

Unnoticeable, very unnoticeable, and I wonder how long before the bunker goes kablooy!

Movement to his right, a twitch in the shadows. Uh, oh, somebody didn’t make it to the corridor. Eldon shifted that way, yep. “Hey Horus, having fun yet?”

“Eldon. Good, although I am not sure that even you can sneak through them now.”

“Heh. Stay here and watch this!” He walked out and gathered power for a nice wide sleep spell.

One Cyborg spun and raised his rifle, pulling the trigger. The first laser flash burned his ear, the second zinged off his energy shield.

Eldon ran forward, trying to get within Sleep spell range as all the Cys jerked around and rifles started turning his direction. Eldon absorbed some laser energy and threw the sleep spell as hard as he could. If I can take out the closest . . .

They all collapsed. Every single one of them.

“Whoa! I think maybe my range has expanded. Cool!” He dodged around the boulder, and jumped through. “Horus is still there, everyone else back? Good!” He ducked back to the streambed and gathered up the corridor end.

He galloped back to Horus. “Everyone else is safe.” Dropped his shields and listened carefully. “So how long before it blows?”

“Fife of your minutes.” Horus eyed him and smiled suddenly. “Such a shame to be here, and only blow up a single bunker.”

“That’s the spirit! Now let’s see how far we can run in four minutes.”


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