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_Professor_ part 53

“And all we’ll be able to charge him with is assault and battery, and negligent homicide.” Ox shrugged. “And espionage. No doubt the diplomats will be salivating at the possible utility of live spies in our hands. Not that they have much that we want.”

Rael cleared her throat. “Unless they’ve kept the real Eshy and Adse incarcerated all these years. Getting them back, publicizing their experiences, kidnapped and held prisoner for seventy years. Excellent PR to beat Earth over the head with. And if they’re dead, two innocent college kids . . . same thing.”

“Politics.” Ox grunted. “Thank you, Rael, for once again being a force of chaos, blasting everything wide open. Now, please go away, and don’t do it again any time soon.”

Rael grinned. “Gladly! I don’t want to be the one to break it to Eshy and Erdu’s wives.” She turned to go, and paused to look over her shoulder. “Eshy’s got two daughters that we really ought to test for dimensional abilities. Sometime. Ta!”

As she left she could hear Ox . “. . . always wanted to be the one who got to arrest that woman. Now? I’m really glad it never happened, because . . . nothing happens normally around that woman.”


Rael passed Milo on the way to the Administration Building.

Raised her brows at the new bruise.

“Kissed her.” He grinned and touched his cheek. “Totally worth it.”

Oh One! This is going to be interesting!

But she kept going. Urfa wanted the whole Directorate school senior staff in on his meeting with the University Chancellor. In the big conference room. Ejti was standing with Urfa up at the head of the table.

Name places around the table.

Department heads up at the head, plus Professor Ivy and Ymco, whoever that was. And her own name, right beside Urfa’s.

Me? What are you up to, Boss?

Or is this Chancellor Ejti’s show?

Ejti sat at the head of the table, Urfa to his left. Rael circled around and sat beside him, and everyone else found their places, with some glowers from down the table. Four department heads, for the School’s six departments. Twenty-three section heads.

Ejti tapped the table. “This meeting of the School of Directorate Studies of the University of the Empire, New York is in session. As you know both your school and the School of Magic have lost personnel this week. I will address the School of Magic situation in a later meeting. This meeting involves only the School of Directorate Studies.

“Chancellor Urfa and I have discussed and agreed on a course of action. If it proves difficult to implement, we will reconsider other options at an appropriate time.

“I now turn the meeting over to Chancellor Urfa.”

“Thank you Chancellor.” Urfa nodded to him, then looked down the table.

“We have lost two section heads this week. I am appointing Dr. Ymco Withione Madras Head of the Department of Languages. Dr. Ymco, you will need to appoint a new section head for Modern Languages.

“I am appointing Dr. Ivpi Withione Head of the Department of Social Sciences.” Urfa’s mouth quirked a little at the glare from Ivpi. Dr. Ivpi, you will need to appoint a new section head for History.

“I am removing the Magic Section from the Department of Social Sciences, and forming a new Department of Magic . . .”

Oh shit.

“. . . under the direction of Rael Withione Montevideo. Dr. Rael, you will need to draw up a plan for the organization of your department, and we will discuss how best to implement it.” A wry smile. “And how to pay for it.”


A faint squeak from Dr. Qaif, head of BioSci. “My budget!”

“We will attempt to finance the initial costs though patrons, so the running finances will be spared a hit.”

Ivy huffed. “And where is the Department of Magic going to . . . land?”

Rael suppressed a giggle. Wait till I tell Oliver and Awful that they’re going to get a chance to design the first ever building utilizing bubbled rooms.

“That will depend on the financial situation. I will attempt to be out from under your feet as quickly as possible.”

Ivy glowered. “No doubt taking your posh office with you.”

“No doubt. But I’ll leave the other double office, if you want it.” Real grinned. This may really be fun!


Rael swallowed hard. "No. He will not be so protected he can't live. He will have as close to a normal childhood as we can manage." her mind boggled briefly at the concept of her life being anyone's standard for "normal," let alone Xen's. "And that requires not being smothered in security."

Ox looked exasperated. "We already have a trio of guards assigned to Ryol and Arno, and keeping completely in the background. I'll add another, to keep an eye on your house while you and Xen are both absent."

"Right. Have all four of them drop by this evening, so we can all recognize them, and Jess and the kids won't think they're being stalked."

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