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_Professor_ part 49

  The interior goons charged through the door. Rael bounced off an armored chest. “Two went out the front door, one just stole my car. How many more are there?”

“That’s it, so far as I know.”

“Excellent. If there are any purple bunnies out there, arrest them!” Rael pulled out her comm and dialing an old number. “Hey, Veo, has my car still got auto stop on it?”

Laughter. “Rael! Letting someone . . . yes, I can turn it off.”

“Turn it off right now.” She spotted her mother’s car keys on the counter and tossed them to the goon. “Can you get me a location?” She turned the comm so the goon on her heels could hear the numbers she rattled off. He turned and bolted back outside

The house shivered. Creaked.

What did all those slices cut!

Exzy! Trapped in the attic!

Rael leaped for the stairs, yeah slices all over . . . she hit the last stairs, spotted her mother propped on an elbow and heaved a breath of relief
“Stay right there, just a minute, Mom.” Rael stepped over her and opened the door to the attic stairs. “Jess? Exzy? It’s safe to come down now.”

In fact, getting out of the house right now is a really good idea!

Her mom sat up, hands to her head. “Oh my head, and he didn’t even touch me.”

“Mummum?” Exzy waved and wiggled to get down.

“Not yet young man!” Jess held on firmly and walked down the stairs cautiously.

Rael helped her mother to her feet, pulled an arm around her neck and put her own arm around her mother’s ribs. “That was a stun spell, pretty light, since you’re conscious already. Let me help you walk, we need to get out of the house . . .”

She got her carefully down the first flight, then Ice galloped up and took over. I love nice muscular men!

Her front yard was well supplied with IR goons, most of them squinting against stun headaches.

Ice carried her Mother over to the neighboring yard, with a tree and shade, and eased her down. Rael elbowed into the  tightest knot of goons. Two purple rabbits, panting and struggling on the ground, held down by multiple boots.

One of the goons pulled off his helmet, eyes narrowed in pain.

Oooo! Oljo, head of the IR Fast Response Teams.

He glanced at her, and then down at the bunnies. “Well, Princess, I’ve heard about things like this, but . . .”

“I’ll turn them back in a few minutes, but the Chain Spell is staying on. One damn me! I, umm, and actually glad they used up a lot of energy on you lot before I ran into them.” She glanced down the street. “Have they caught Erdu?”

“No, he bailed on your car and stole another. The witnesses said he headed west, which is odd . . .”

Rael swallowed. “He’s not headed back to the campus, is he?” She cast a glance over to where Jess was handing Exzy down to her mom . . . and turned and ran back inside, dived through the office door. Half the goons followed her, splitting up, probably to secure Erdu’s office. The rest of them . . . what? Did they have vehicle? A command center?

:: Arno! Ryol! Be alert! Warn your friend, Dr. Erdu’s . . . probably an Earth spy? Maybe Comet Fall, but he’s bloody dangerous. Shields, as hard as possible if you spot him. ::

And Ryol’s anxious mental voice. :: Too late . . . He, he wants to talk to you. ::


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