matapam (pamuphoff) wrote,

_Professor_ part 47

  Ice heard a car start nearby, and frowned at some odd change in the atmosphere.

“Right. There’s one problem, gone.” Rael tapped at her comm.

Ice bit his lip. “Why is Xen a problem?”

“The God of Spies . . . might help the bad guys escape. He doesn’t quite have enough control to be reliable.”

“God of . . . Really?”

“Oh yeah. Any spy, or counter-espionage agent, or anything even close, praying—or just asking fervently—is likely to summon him and get helped. Although his Dad, the God of War, says he gets to choose whose side he’s on, when he gets summoned.”

Ice boggled a bit . . . and tried to suppress any thought that he might someday find himself in need of  rescue by a Comet Fall god.

“Umm, Mom?” Rael on the comm. “Something’s come up. How about coming tomorrow? Oh? Well, never mind.” She shut off her comm and walked to the front door. “They’re here.”

“I’ll, umm, be in your office.” Ice ducked through that door . . . left it open, not that sound propagated through worth beans, but he caught a mix of high pitched female voices.

As they walked through the door. “This is Ice, he’s an Internal Relations Agent and he’s going to be letting some people come through, while you two stay out of his way.” Rael eyed the other two women, “Right? So come upstairs, I’ll . . . let you get settled in.” She glanced at her watch. “Dammit, I have a class . . .”

The older woman rolled her eyes. “Oh, go. And where is Exzy?”

Rael passed the metal bar to her mother. “I’ll be back at noon for lunch, just avoid the front hallway.”

She trotted out the door to the campus building.

Ice looked back at the two women. “Sorry, this blew up suddenly. I’ll, umm, stay out of your way. And, umm, if you would let me answer the door?”

“Certainly. Jess, why don’t we go upstairs, and I’ll introduce you to Exzy.”

The next time he stuck his head out, the sound of laughter was wafting down the stairs.

Then the wrecking crew—a trio known for both taking things apart and putting them back together—arrived, and he led then through the office/corridor.

“Weird stuff. Making our job so much harder.” The guy with the rank tabs on his body armor growled as he led the way.

A snicker from the third man. “You just wish you had one.”

The leader looked back at Ice. “Step into the antechamber there and open the door.” He stuck a tiny black circle on Ice’s shoulder. “We’ll see what you see. Leave the door open. Go to the right, turn right at the corner. Go into the men’s lav.  Wait a sec, then come back, we’d like to see the Purp leave his office.” He held out a little cylinder. “And stick this in your ear.”

Ice stuck it, and as the trio ducked out of sight, stepped into the ante chamber and opened the door. He paused to let two men walk by, then turned away from them, hearing their arguing behind him.

“Eshy, just take it to the Chancellor, tell him how much you need more office space . . .”

And the whisper in his ear. “That’s him. Keep walking. When you turn at the corner,  look and see if he’s out of sight.”

Both men were turning the far corner, and walking out of sight.

“Excellent. Turn around and follow them. Just far enough to be sure they aren’t coming back.”

Ice sauntered after them, ignoring the three black-clad men rushing out of Rael’s office and heading for Eshy’s.

And in his ear, “Adse’s coming this way? Where does he park?”

Ice sped up a bit, then slumped casually through the building’s glass fronted entrance and veered to the left. Parked himself where he could see Eshy, still arguing with . . . was that Erdu? The head of the Language Department?

The two men stopped and looked to the right.

Adse nearly running, waved them back toward the building.

They both turned and ran for the steps.

Both? But Erdu’s DNA . . .

Cursing in his ear. “Icka, let them past, and get behind them.”

Black clad men ran into sight as the three professors reached the steps.

I could stun them. Rael’s lessons . . . Oh. Shit. Rael’s office. Wide open. Two women and a baby . . .

He grabbed power and stood up. Erdu glanced his way and Ice was flying . . . pain as he hit . . .

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