matapam (pamuphoff) wrote,

Clues for the Professor

   A brief break before the freshmen came in, to hopefully show that they’d learned a lot during the fall semester.

Rael, shot a quick look around. No one in easy hearing distance. “People keep thinking you brought me here to investigate Dr. Yppo’s death. Was there anything off about how he died?”

Urfa snorted. “That’s just our reputations. Yppo appeared to have died of a completely normal heart attack. He had a history of cardiac issues and his doctor was recommending a pacemaker. There was one odd thing about the body . . . his shirt was untucked and a shallow scallop of skin had been sliced off his side. I talked to the police about it, but they came up with nothing. Finally decided he'd tried to remove a mole with Slice and overdid it.”

Rael wrinkled her nose. “A scallop?”

“Oval, six centimeters by three. Half a centimeters thick.”

“Huh. Definitely weird.”
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