matapam (pamuphoff) wrote,

_Professor_ new chapter three

Right. Since this is a mystery, perhaps I shouldn't ignore the fact the Rael's stepping into a dead man's shoes? I've tossed in a couple more foreshadowings elsewhere, as well.

Chapter Three

Sounds Fishy

Tuesday 20 Ramadan 1416 yp

“Ice? The Director wants to talk to us.”

Icka Withione Sycamore Tall Tree tapped the save button on the comp and swiveled his chair to face the door. “Right now?”

“Yep.” Dog’s eyes were bright. “Something must have come up.”

He backed out of the doorway and Ice followed him down the hallway to the boss’s office.

Where a sweet looking, little old lady was looking over her shoulder as she walked out. “I expect someone there will know.” She turned back and smiled cheerfully at them. “Go on in, he’s waiting for you.”

The prim and proper secretary looked resigned. The Director’s assigned Princess tended to ignore office staff, except when she was ordering them around.

Director Ajki was scowling at nothing in view, and switched his ire to them as they walked in. “Close the door and tell why the top Presidential Agent is taking a leave of absence from the Directorate to teach a couple of classes at the Directorate School.”

Ice blinked. “Umm . . . Princess Rael, Captain Wsca, or Lucky Dave?”

“Rael. The number one expert on the Zingos? On Xen Wolfson? On . . . whatever.”

“On how to disobey an order with style?” Dog tried to look innocent, and got a glare.

“She’s one of the New Warriors. Maybe they’re looking for recruits.” Ice squirmed as the glare turned his direction. “Or, brain storming it, that professor who died was murdered. Or she’s actually madly in love with Urfa and . . . All right. Umm, perhaps . . . I should go look into the matter.”

Ajki’s expression went rueful. “Finish up whatever you’re working on and be prepared for some field work. Urfa’s not supposed to be doing things on his own on my turf.”

“The School?” Ice blinked.

“If it’s on the home world, it’s mine. Now go find out what’s going on.”


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