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_Guardsman_ infill 5

Dave huffed a bit. “I suppose we ought to have put this off a bit, it’s early for results. But if you could keep us in the information loop we’d appreciate it.”

Ox was still eyeing them.

Crap. The guy knows we, well, I, know more than I’m saying.

“So you both work with Rael?” He tapped at his comm. Nodded to Dave. “And of course, you know my daughter.”

Dave nodded. “Crazy Redhead Number Two.” Daughter, not stepdaughter. “How’s she liking this Directorate School?”

“Very much.” His eyes dropped to his comm. “Why don’t you two come meet the rest of the family, stay for dinner.” A toothy grin. “So I can dissect you in private.”


Which turned out to not be very private.

Izzo and his family, and lots of guards, were there too. No sign of Rael.

Izzo and Ox swapped grins, and took them on a tour of the house, and ended in the basement with just the four of them.

Dave looked from Izzo to Ox to Scar.

Ox crossed his arms and gazed balefully at Izzo. “Covering up an assassination attempt, are we?”

Izzo nodded. “Rael claims to be able to do it in a way they the perps can be prosecuted later.”

Ox sighed. “No doubt involving a dimensional bubble.” His gaze moved to Scar. “And you helped?”

Izzo shook his head. “He was close in guard, and made me send an illusion out of the car . . . which was a really good idea, as the sniper shot it.”

Scar nodded. “Went right through mental shields and bullet proof glass and hit me. Not serious. The doc has the bullet, with evidence trail.”

“And the sniper?” Ox asked.

Izzo and Scar both looked at Dave. Ox switched his disapproving gaze as well.

“Dimensional bubbles. For him and the spotter, and the weapons.”

Ox pinched the bridge of his nose. “Well. That’s just going to be a really interesting court case. Now . . . I really hate to ask about the bomb in Italy.”

They all looked at Dave. Who tried really hard to look surprised, and then indignant.

Ox sighed. “Politics. Was anyone killed?”


And a feminine voice for the shadows on the stairs . . . “How many bags of . . . dimensional bags does that woman have?”

Ox’s secretary . . . with Izzo’s Gee Wiz behind her.

“Fourteen.” Dave squirmed under their regard. “I asked.”

“One!” Ox sighed. “And no doubt the One approves of anything Rael does. I should have stayed a beat cop. Let’s go eat dinner. I will add the infamous Lucky Dave to the people I wish I could arrest.”


The four kids—Ox’s youngest was three years older than Izzo and Xiat’s twins—and his younger daughter a quiet twelve-year-old. Xiat and Raod—Rael’s sister—were obviously good friends.

“Some how I’d though you stayed in Montevideo and Ox commuted?” Dave looked from one woman to the other.

“Oh, I did, but of course I visited regularly, and met Ox’s Boss.” Raod grinned at Xiat. “You’ve been so busy, I haven’t had time to ask if you’re missing the Gothic Horror.”

A snort from Xiat. “No, but the kids do. The staff there was wonderful and did their best to spoil the kids.”

Izto grinned. “The nanny from heck quit. She didn’t want to come to Paris.”

Xiaz nodded. “Miss Jackie is much nicer, and she’s been teaching us, because we’re traveling so much. So we don’t have to go to school.”

“Yet.” Xiat put in.

And we really appreciate that! We’re badly out of practice at guarding kids in a school setting. If Izzo’s elected . . . we’ll be getting plenty of practice. And if not . . .

“Strictly in a private setting . . . what plans do you have, post-election, if you lose?”

“Well, there are other elective offices—I think I can write off any appointments from anyone who wins—and . . . I have a few other ideas that I haven’t had time to sound out.”

The two Princesses eyed him speculatively, but didn’t ask.


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