matapam (pamuphoff) wrote,

_Guardsman_ part 55

“Is Ycrw still inside?”

“On the roof.”

“And we have plenty of people up there, right?”

Qamar went up to check out the view.

“Yes. And everyone up there has passed a weapons check . . . Crap! Ulle, move on Ycrw . . .”

Lucky Dave turned and looked up at the roof line . . . at the spectators moving away from two figures . . . Dave froze as he realized the one being dangled over the edge was Qamar. The man holding her was nearly invisible from this angle, but Dave had no doubt about his identity.

“. . . dome shield, we’re not getting through it at all . . .”

Dave turned calmly and walked away. Cold and then suddenly hot. That terraced mound behind the speakers platform would be best. He needed to be as high as possible. And invisible.

No wonder I brought the bag along today.

“Miserable little cheater! You stolen this election from me! Well now you're going to have to listen to me!”

Dave shut out the magically amplified voice from above.

The longer he talks the better.

Dave stepped onto a side path that circled the platform. He could hear Izzo speaking to the Guards trying to shift him. “No. Let him see me, talk to me. It’ll buy you guys time.”


Dave looked back at Government House. Trees blocked the view. Perfect.

He pulled out the handles of the bag, opened it and pulled out one of the active camouflage blankets. Turned it on and slung it over his head and wrapped up in it as he walked on. Climbed up to the top of the mound and found a good view of the roof line.

This is the best I can do.

Keeping everything under the blanket, he pulled out the sniper rifle.

Set up the tripod and snugged down . . . tented the blanket over the scope and front sights . . . and sighted in on Qamar. Stiff face, blood on her neck, a slow trickled coming from under Ycrw’s hand. Some sort of small blade . . . two rings on his middle finger, one far out near the tip. Something concealed in a thick masculine ring?

You don’t need much of a blade, with your hand right over her carotid artery. Just dig your fingers in and
. . .

Qamar blinked slowly, three time. Bent her head slightly to the right. Got pulled back. A slight seep of blood. She looked left-right-left-right-left-right. Bent her head slightly to the right.

Dave aimed carefully at the left side of Qamar’s head, just above the ear.  At this upward angle, the taller man was completely covered. A faint halo of darker hair showing.

Dave was sweating, hot. The autumn sun beating down on him. Was he really seeing through the scope? Did he actually meet Qamar’s gaze as she blinked three times . . .

He squeezed the trigger.


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