matapam (pamuphoff) wrote,

_Guardsman_ last scene


Tenuously connected scene . . .

“Milo . . . go away and chase after some woman who will not alienate your dad, sabotage your political career, horrify your friends, and disgust you when all my deep dark secrets come out.”

“No.” The infuriating creature kicked back in the chair next to hers, completely at ease.

:: Arno? I’m going to have to exercise the nuclear option on Milo. ::

:: Ooo! Can I come watch the expression on his face? ::

:: No! I’m just warning you. ::

:: No problem. Enjoy, kicking the poor sad creature. ::

:: Shut up. ::

“Milo. My biomother is Rael Withione Montevideo. The Rael. My father is . . .”

“Xen Wolfson. Did you really think no one’s noticed? Well, not the Team Trainees, they’re not terribly bright.” He grinned. “It’s the hair. If you’d dyed it, or shaved it off, maybe you could have gotten through your first semester without being recognized.”

“Oh, good grief. I always figured I could ditch you with that, if I got desperate.”

“Desperate? Nope, you don’t look desperate. You look like a young woman who thought no one would love her if they found out your . . .” His voice dropped two octaves. “Deep. Dark. Secret.”


He grinned. “Now you’re going to have to come to terms with the knowledge that the people worth hanging around with don’t care. Or worse, think it’s interesting.”


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