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I need a bad guy. I need an actual evil villian. Angry and unbalanced, just enough control to have a meteoric political career. Then totally go off the rails when he loses the election. I'll have to do a bit of retrofitting to get him into the story sooner.

But is he the real villian, or just the most visible one?

Edited to add:

Chapter Two, the Riot:

And watched the scene around the Palace—Government House—on a huge screen.

Mere normal sized screens covered other pickups, and a two separate commercial broadcasts. With tunable earbugs, he could listen to whichever view he was interested in.

At the moment, the big screen was showing the “Peaceful Assembly” in the grass-and-pavement plaza across the street from the Government House main entrance. The speakers were up on a truck, tricked out to serve as a platform.

“. . . This utter disrespect, this reducing the Prophets and the genes of the Prophets to a few chemicals, cannot be allowed to continue. These False Oner are NOT the descendants of the Prophets!”

Lucky Dave wrinkled his nose. Technically true, but since we’ve abandoned faith for fear of the One Hive Mind’s assassins, it hardly matters.

“And the proof is that they have no power! Simple adding the One gene does not give them the ability to touch the power of the One! These demands of theirs are preposterous!”

No power? Well Ra’d did say he didn’t know if I could use it.

Lucky Dave tromped hard on that doubt. “Who is that?”

Princess Feol answered. “Councilor Ycrw, from Naples. Three terms in the Council, a founding member of the One First Party.”

“A councilor is rabble-rousing?”

“Two of them. I see the Insane Idiot in the background, waiting to speak.”

A tsk from another Princess. Mayc, pronounced Mac. “That’s Councilor Insa of Al Cairo. Newly converted to the One First Party, just as . . . odd as ever.”

And a bit later:

“That we can see.” Lucky Dave frowned at the screen. “So . . . where’s Rael? She’s not on the steps anymore.”

Isakson chuckled. “Weasel! Find the feed from their speakers’ podium.”

And there she was up on the truck, handcuffing a man twice her size. And Scar and a couple of the other’s he’d met at the hospital were looming over several other people.

Yep, it looks like they have Ycrow and Insa. Not handcuffed. Probably to their disappointment, it’d make a better visual.
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