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30 November 2018 @ 10:21 am
Random Scenes from NaNoWriMo 19  

The two Fallen girls grinned. “It’s a history thing. See, the Cove Islands are huge trading empire and their King is called the Sea King. Not just because of all their ships, but because magically he can command the seas. Actually, Xen says it’s a variation of the Mage power gene and they can draw power from the waves and are really good at working with water.”

Kasi nodded. “Then there was an assassination, a pirate attack that killed both the king and queen and the prince’s body was never found, so there were always rumors about the Lost Prince being raised by the pirates and so forth. But we figure it’s Oscar, because of course a lost prince would wind up with Harry.”

Ryol opened her mouth . . . clamped it shut. Questions later, don’t interrupt the flow of information.

Styx took over so Kasi could eat. “So anyway, two guys from Ash, Oscar and Bran, who were young officers in the Army by then, went with a diplomatic mission to the Cove Islands, and partied all over the islands, which has nothing whatever to do with the surprising resurgence in the Sea King Power over the next two generations.” She cast a glance to the side, where Aunt Rael was eating lunch with Master Xen, who just grinned. “Anyway, there was a rebellion, the low class—‘dregs’ they call them—the dregs with the sea king gene called themselves Sea Wolves—lost and ran for it. So now there are these groups of Sea Wolves who’ve settled in several places. Discordia’s got a whole bunch of them.”

“And since they’ve got magic, the Discordians are feeling threatened?” Ryol gnawed her lip.

“Oh, a lot of Discordians have power. I mean, on top of the usual background of weak untrained magicians that are all over Comet Fall, Discordia was one of the place you guys has people stationed. So the Action Teams . . . well, it’s not always rape . . . left a lot of kids behind, and then the Sea Wolves for the last generation . . . Well, yeah, there’s a lot of rivalry.”

Voyr hunched her shoulders. “So . . . what do those guy want with us? I mean, yeah, rape, but that’s a stupid way to go about it.”

Styx cocked her head. “I’ll bet it’s the dimensional genes. Or the training.”

Kasi sat up, wide-eyed. “Yeah. Because they don’t make their own gates. I’ll bet they can’t.

Master Xen looked over. “Are you lot trying to give me nightmares? That’s horribly likely. I’ll drop a hint through Farid and Noah that this would be taken very poorly. And I might be a little slow, locating their lost agents.”

Ryol wrinkled her nose. How does kidnapping us get them the dimensional . . . genes. Oh. Here we are, Oners who’ve acquired the dimensional ability the old fashioned way. Now the other worlds want it too. Because the ability to make gates is the power that counts, now.

And they can only get it through their children.

So why don’t they . . . or do they? Send women to seduce the Fallen men? Shouldn’t be too tough. Look at the biofather. Of course, the Discordians, with their male dominated society . . . They probably wanted to stick us in their harems like those old fashioned Arabs we still hear about at home . . .

She shivered and rubbed her arms. Not just rape. Slavery. Rape forever and watching your children being raised to be monsters like their fathers.


/// Put something in here with Arno and Night///

Arno found himself with company on the morning run. Of the female sort. Pity they’re so old. Thirty at least. And who wears makeup when they run?

They look pretty fit, I don’t think I can out run them.

He opened his shields a bit and winced at the predatory feel. Caught a whiff of thought. “Scrawny, but he’s got the genes we want . . .”

Not a directed thought, just an internal opinion. With a dose of indifferent resignation.

You know, I really would prefer someone who loves me. Or at least lusts after me. And . . . two of them? This is some polity who wants the dimensional genes. And these are agents, their equivalent of Princesses, perhaps. Except they aren’t magic. I wonder what world they’re from?

As the rounded the corner, Arno spotted the horse herd, grazing peacefully. :: Night? Are you around? ::

:: Yes. Tired of running your two legs into the ground? ::

:: Actually, I need to dodge some aggressive women. ::

:: Humans! So shy about sex. ::

:: I’m too young. And they’re not nice. ::

:: Probably some silly human herd-rivalry things. Pyrite tried to explain it to me. It sounded ridiculous. But hop on, you can try to explain it to me. ::

The women startled suddenly, veering away as the big horse crashed through the brush ahead of them and turned their way. Arno sprinted ahead as the women fell back. Night slammed on the brakes, Arno grabbed mane and jumped as she tossed her head.

Fortunately she had a nice broad, well-muscled back so he didn’t land on her spine or anything. She wheeled around and galloped off. Arno snuck a look back. Two women, hands on hips looking put-out.

Ha! You’ll never catch me.

This year, at any rate. Maybe . . . sometime.

Night snorted. :: You really are a young colt. Those old mares were up to something. ::

:: Yeah . . . and I’m almost old enough to let them. ::

A wicker that sounded suspiciously like a snicker. :: You’re getting close to being what Pyrite calls stallion stupid. ::

:: Yeah. And Human herd rivalry? Yes. Only Comet Fall can make the dimensional gates. And now as Xen’s half-Oners kids grow up, the One World is about to have that ability. The other human herds want it too. So I think those women were sent by their herd leaders to . . . breed babies who have dimensional abilities. Not sure I want to give them to them . . . And be like Xen, with children he didn’t know, who hated him. ::

:: I told Pyrite about the women, and he told Xen. ::

Arno groaned. :: I’ll probably get a lecture. And I’d better get off and run the rest of the way. Sorry. ::

Another snicker. :: Good Luck! ::

He slid off and ran the rest of the way o the exercise area.

Swords again. With Master Xen a bit distracted by his shortage of students.

After breakfast Arno spotted him talking to Yrno, Jay, and Or What. So they get lectured . . . because they had a great time getting waylaid by strange women?

I wonder where those women are from.

Master Xen spotted him, and waved him in. And led the way over to the barn, and added Bari, Levi, Xav, and Thames.

“Boys, you’re at the age where you are going to need this spell. It kills haploid cells—in your case—sperm. Unless you intend to spread your genes all over the Multiverse, to anyone who can get a pretty woman here. And while the worst—the Helios—can’t get here, yet, they will eventually. And they are not people we want roaming—and raiding—all over the Multiverse. So . . .”

It was quite a simple spell.

And you didn’t use it on your spy mission, because you needed to humiliate so many high level War Party politicians.

And I don’t think I want to be used, either sexually or reproductively, by anyone.

“So, let’s get back to school. I need to teach all of you a good spell storage system. Then we’ll work on bubbles again.”


Michawl DolbearMichawl Dolbear on December 1st, 2018 02:37 pm (UTC)
To keep track.

The haploid spell is first mentioned in Young Warriors Chapter 33 or so, The Lady Eden kefuffle.

So indeed before Empire of the One

Who invented it is not stated.
matapampamuphoff on December 1st, 2018 02:47 pm (UTC)
I think Xen thought it up on the spot. Don't know If I made that clear or not.