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18 November 2018 @ 08:21 am
Random Scenes from NaNoWriMo 8  

A side pipe for the Kingdom’s embassy, Arrival’s . . . The Compass turned the corner, and strolled west . . . a pipe almost to the Oner Embassy.

At the next corner they broke off for a stretch and to grab drinks and sandwiches out of thin air.

Xen grinned at them. “I’m impressed. You’re much less out of control than usual.”

Ras laughed. “It’s sewers, dammit. Why would we decorate them? Now when we get to the outfall . . . Ah, then we can have some fun.”

“Oh . . .” Cor’s snickering. That’s a really bad sign.

“You’ll love it.” Havi slapped his shoulder. “Well, depending on how well we stick to the plan.”

Xen winced and didn’t mention that his plan had involved an open pipe just above the stream’s flood stage with a rock spillway down to the drought level.

What can they do with it, anyway? He flinched. Anything they want to.

They walked well past the Earth Embassy and the companies along the south side of the road and half a mile on, before they circled back up to start again. At the diagonal, they joined up to the first tunnel, and then they started down the diagonal road.

Two major branches, and then out through the countryside. Xen kept them going mostly straight—they tended to go around trees—and then the final slope down to the stream.

Where the big pipe surfaced . . . to a series of drops down to the stream.

Waterfalls, once there’s actual water flowing.

It was all angular and clean until the statues started popping up. A rearing horse with odd holes in the upper shoulder that with a spray of water might look like wings.

A woman washing her hair under one drop. Kids and dogs playing . . . Pagodas, pools, a big flat area of small holes with one way spells for a fountain.

Right. Wait until everyone hears about the sewer-water playground.

Xen walked into the twenty foot high main sewer pipe. More of a tunnel, with walks along both sides, larger than the specs, but not by too much

The walls were covered with waves, leaping fish, a sea serpent . . . He shook his head and walked back out.

Time to distract the Mages.

If he could.


“Dr. Quicksilver?” Ryol swallowed nervously and looked around . . . her aunt’s office.

“I don’t bite.” The witch looked amused. “Come in, sit. What’s up?”

“Well, we met some witches in the Maze. Master Xen said they were smugglers.”

“Crimson, Walnut, and Macaw. And whichever kids were with them this trip. Did you have a problem with them? I haven’t found the boys any worse than any other seventeen year olds.”

“No. I talked to Crimson, about what Walnut and Macaw did to Master Xen.” Ryol squirmed, uncertain what can of worms she was opening.

“Umm. Macaw was fourteen, and Walnut eighteen. Old enough to know better, but that family was . . . difficult. Too many old women living together under a holy terror of a matriarch, the younger women taking care of them, and the little kids. And not having time for the teenagers. And like most teenagers, curious about sex. And rebelling against controlling elders who never took the time to explain . . . anything.”

“Well, my parents are a little that way, but . . .”

“Yeah. That’s part of parenting. Those women took it to an extreme. Anyhow, the three sisters experimented with magic, with no supervision, and made a magic ring that made them irresistibly sexy. And Walnut ran off and used it on a boy . . . do you realize that losing one’s virginity releases a burst of power that can damage a sexual partner?”

“What! No . . . or, not for Oners.”

“Oh dear. I think we need to have a talk with all you part Comet Fall girls. Hopefully it’s just an effect of the witch power gene.” Dr. Quicksilver looked worried. “Well, Walnut’s boy wasn’t much harmed, just sort of out of it for a few days. Then Macaw took the ring and snuck into the room where Xen was recovering . . . and then Walnut wanted to try a powerful wizard too, so she snuck in.”

“And they both got pregnant? At fourteen? Eww!”

“Indeed. So?”

“Oh, well, they seemed a bit sad that they were missing the Winter Solstice in Ash, something about getting disinvited by the head witch. I wondered if they could come here . . . Xen mentioned hotsprings. But maybe not.”

“That was all fourteen years ago. I slapped them down hard, so maybe they’d remember to not take advantage of men. And so far as I know, they’ve been sensible about it.” The witch eyed Ryol. “I hadn’t thought about it, but perhaps I’ll invite them. All the local witches who don’t go home, go up to the hotsprings here on the Solstice.”

Q frowned. “And I think I’ll invite all of you girls, to come up a few days before the solstice so we can have a little talk about the facts of life for young witches.”


“You know, Xen . . .”

Xen looked across the table at Cactus. “Yes?”

“You may have gotten all your Oners kids out of the sewers, but half the rest of the population of the planet is still walking in and out, checking out the . . . artwork.”

“Well . . . I’ll see about doing something about the obscene bits. But even so, you have to admit that it beats months of torn up roads.”

She rolled her eyes. “Mermaids and dragons doing naughty things? I’m going to pretend I didn’t see the octopus . . . mural.”

“Sorry. Most of it’s subconscious.”

“So, can I imagine that perhaps only a single one of them is a pervert?”

Xen bit his lip . . . “Two at least. Orion and Cor . . . Well Havi’s a bit of a ladies man. But Korbin and Ras are just regular guys. Zip and Kal . . . have an interesting history. And Richie’s one of the Old Gods. The God of Eternal Youth.”

“I see.”

I hope not. The God of Orgies and three of the original Goat Boys . . . and Cor.

“They’re all pretty normal Rip Crossers. Party Boys.” Xen managed to not mention orgies at any time of the day or night . . . “They party a lot. Umm, avoid being alone with Cor, and you’ll be fine.”

“Cor being?”

“The oldest blond. Umm, the Archetype of the Dirty Old Man. No. Not kidding.” Xen half stood to look around the restaurant. Sat down with a sigh. “He’s probably out looking for some nice old lady to flash.”

Ambassador Ashe wound through tables to theirs. “Well, that was impressive. And tomorrow they’re going to do something to the water supply system?”

“Yep. Much less apt to collect artwork. I hope.”

Ashe and Cactus both snickered.

Ashe looked over his shoulder. “I don’t see as many kids as I’d expected.”

“I failed to exhaust them today. Some of them are off exploring the Maze. They’ve got a mapping project underway. The rest of them went to the theater, with the local kid pack for that new movie.”

They both snickered. It was, of course, another “Endy Dewolf” adventure. Fantasy. I’m willing to bet it has very little resemblance to my first encounter with the Helios Miniverse. Although . . . maybe I should check it out. In case it’s really bad. So I’ll know what they’re snickering about.

“I’ll wear them out tomorrow.”