matapam (pamuphoff) wrote,

_Hunting Magic_part 6

Big question. Does Eldon show up again? If so, he only gets to do half the heroics.

Here’s a brief take on Prissy to the rescue:

(3) So, if the Bad Guys are staying in town, that means . . .  Air head survey of every male in sight, rating their likelihood of being the Bad Guys. Lots of wrong kind of bad Guys. But it's hard to believe that tall handsome fellow could be Bad. Flirting disaster.

(4) She rents a cabin with a corral, goes and gets Zeus. Now she can ride all over, looking at the more remote areas. She hits every real estate place in town for lists of rental property. Starts a survey that way. Runs out of energy.

(5) Feds show up, ask why she thinks this is the right area. Asks why she thinks the Bad Guys are still here.

         "What they said – 'he'll come for you' – it seemed to me that they were bait for a trap. They want Eldon. I suppose they could know some other World where he lives. But then why bother with us at all?"

         "And your Eldon said they tracked down magic." He patted the horse absently. "Unless the horse can do magic, and make them come to us, we're stuck."

         Zeus bobbed his head and pawed, striking a spark off the rocks.

(5) Bad Guys come, tracking the horse's magic, the fed clips his recorder to the horse's mane and they run away and hide. Bad guys decamp, the other feds are following them. Hawkins gets the recorder and they replay the conversation. Then they find someone who speaks both German and Russian, and get it translated. The Drei have the bait through a Gate, and they will go there and check them, and open the Gate at midnight.

(6) Prissy asks the horse if he can make himself invisible. He nods.

         "And a rider?" Nod. "Good, let's go find this gate, jump through, grab Tiff and Brian, and run for it." Nod.

         Hawkins crossed his arms stubbornly.

         "Two riders?"


         "Are you insane?"

         "No. Just desperate. How many of your guys can sneak in too?"

(7) Sneak through interior maze with oversized horse. Find the bait and run/fight their way out. Prissy's shield deflects the lasers, the gun she bought was gag gift, as they find out when a cyborg grabs it and shoots her with it. While the cyborg gawps at the American flag and tinny national anthem, she scrambles away. Zeus tromps the Cyborg, she climbs on and they run for it. As fast as they can, which is faster than they should; they run into a bunch of cyborgs. Zeus hits the brakes, slides on the cloth hoof covers, sounds like a six car pileup on the freeway. A few kicks to silence the still active and they run off again, hear the lightning spitting and head for it. They run up on the cyborgs manning the killing ground in front of the gate and stomp all over them. The Feds take out the rest, they all run for the Gate, jumping through as it starts to close.

         The Feds and the scientists are moving into a closed Army facility there, in case the Cyborgs return. They want Tiffany, Brian, Prissy and Zeus in protective custody, elsewhere.

         "Elsewhere?" Prissy raised her eyebrows (newly plucked and shaped). "But if they are tracking magic they'll come for us wherever. If you want them to come here, we should be here. Ahem. I am an excellent secretary. Offer me a job. I'd be delighted to move here, with my horse."

         Tiffany was cuddled up to Brian. "I cut hair. Now that my breath is back to normal. I could get a job here in town."

         Brian scowled. "I'm supposed to be cramming for the Bar Exam. Once I manage that – if I can remember a damned thing after the last month – I could open shop here. If they're coming for me, I'd just as soon have a bunch of gun slinging federal agents around."

         Prissy beamed at Cliff. "There now, won't that be ever so much easier than trying to coerce us into hiding somewhere?"

         He closed his eyes as if he had a head ache. "Yes. The main drawback is that it will put you in close proximity to the Cyborgs if they ever return."

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