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Should I ever need something with dragons or wizards or the Wizard school, this might get folded into it.


Spring Equinox

Primo soared over the first human settlement on this side of the ice cap and circled in for a landing. No. Even better. He swooped down toward the Corridor. "Watch your wings boys!" he called back, and snapped his in tight to arrow through the arch and emerge from the side of the barn in the village of Ash. Two sweeps took him back up, and the youngsters joined him.

"Can we stop and eat?" Blue Bolt swung towards the sheep on the hillside.

"No. I told you about animals that belong to people, right? Those are sheep."

Greenbean laughed. "They really do look half hair."

"C'mon a few more minutes to the wizards tower. Nil will probably feed us so long as we don't hurt his horses." He lofted over an arm of the forest that reached down from the mountains as if to mark the end of the valley. To the left he spotted Rustle's old house and ahead to the right, the Wizard's Tower.

Men scattered, running as the dragons circled and back winged to land.

Dydit walked out, grinning.

"Primo! You've grown. And who are these lads?"

"Hi Master Dydit." He'd always liked Rustle's father. He'd been there when he hatched, and helped raise him those first few critical weeks, and then treated him just like another son when he'd been in human form in Ash. "Blue Bolt and Greenbean. I've brought them to learn to be human, to learn how to fight, and to learn how to have sex."

"Err, well, witches being the way they are, I suspect we can accommodate even that last. Let's go see Master Nil about the human part, shall we? We're moving the Wizard School through a Gate to another World. I suspect you'll love it here."

Dragons weren't actually awkward on the ground, but did tend to rock back and forth like bulldogs, giving some people that impression. There were a few snickers as they followed Dydit around to a courtyard at the back of the tower. A faintly foggy glowing spot on the wall marked the gate, and Dydit strode straight through to a wonderfully warm dry grassland.

"Primo, when are we going to _eat_?" Blue whined.

"Hungry lads? If you don't want to wait, there's usually deer and bison about five miles south where there are some streams for fresh water. Primo, when you're done, just follow this path, the ocean's about a mile ahead. You'll see the buildings, such as they are, right now. Nil and I will be somewhere about." Dydit grinned. "That'll give the cooks enough of a warning to get some cookies baked."

The boys were already on their way. Primo grinned. "We'll be right back. Want us to bring any meat?"

"Hmm, some tender young bison would be welcome, if there's any handy."

"I'll see what I can do." He got a running, jumping start and flapped off. Now that he thought about it, he was pretty hungry himself. The little idiots had not only spotted bison, they'd spooked them and were trying to tag team the largest bull.

Bison were a pain, what with their necks being a bit low, but they weren't that hard to bring down. He got up high enough to look them over, and picked out a young cow. He dived, hitting her and knocking her to her knees. He reached way down and sliced his claws across her neck she leaped up, then collapsed as the blood fountained.

The battered youngsters flapped over. "Wow. I want to learn how to do that, too." Greenbean landed and looked cautiously hopeful. "Are you going to eat it all your self?"

"Nope. We'll each eat plenty, and I'll take the haunches back to the humans."

He disembowled the cow and let them dig in while he sliced the carcass up into more manageable pieces.

They munched down the better part of a shoulder each while he polished off the ribs and then sliced two big roasts to carry away. A chunk of the wet hide would do to carry it in. His poor wing muscles were going to be _so_ sore tomorrow . . .

He dropped the bloody bundle on the porch of the biggest building, where the cooking odors were coming from. Young adult human crowded out to oogle them.

"Wow, real dragons!" They were all grinning, and the one that took the bison jerked his head toward the beach. "The Masters are both down there."

"Thanks." They shrank back from his friendly grin. Huh. It hadn't bothered Dydit. Maybe it was all the bison blood. He flapped back into the sky. "Let's wash off in the surf, then find the Masters." Master Nil had always had that aura of dangerous predator about him. And catlike, at that, as if he'd really _enjoy_ eating you. Best to not alarm _him_.

"How do you tell the female humans from the male humans?" Blue asked.

"Once you are human, it seems a lot more obvious." Primo said. "But the easiest way is the chest. The females have two large glands for feeding their babies and the adult females show up pretty obviously."

"Like cow udders?"

"Not quite." Primo dived head on into a big wave. Nice warm water. Fun to play in. He cleaned around all of his claws, and made sure the blood and gobbets were all out of his head spines. He spotted the two masters walking toward them and surfed  and flapped in to land on the damp firm sand.

"Lessons in human, eh?"

"Yes. Actually, I could use some lessons in wizardry too. If we may stay?"

"You are welcome here." Nil looked over his shoulder at the humans watching Blue and Green frolicking in the water. "I suspect it's going to be fun for everyone.


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