matapam (pamuphoff) wrote,

Things Never Written

Two weeks to NaNoWriMo and the brain refuses to think up anything until I turn it loose on _Public Works_ which will get blended into _Children of a Foreighn God_ once it's done.

So here's a scrap that never went any further . . . fortunately.

"Don't worry Dad. I haven't blown out the side of the station. Yet. I think I know how I need to adjust the chemicals, now. Right. Talk to you tomorrow." Harry hung up the phone and walked back to where Mikey was sighting in the improvised plasma rifle.

"So, what's keeping the Parental Unit too busy to come home for dinner _this time_?"

"Eh, he said something about stray dogs circling the embassy pod and howling. One of them got in and humped some ambassador from Whoknoooswere."

"Hmm, maybe we ought to go catch some of the strays. They could come in handy as a distraction, if we attack any Whoknooosweren liners."

"Yeah, but first we need to hijack the HAFAS when it comes into dock. _Then_ we can start planning our careers as space pirates."
Mikey sneered. "Highly Automated Fast Attack Ship. The nickname is a bit obvious. You'd think they would have noticed and named it something different."
"Yeah, but adults can be remarkably stupid. And their security measures are definitely half assed, so we're in business."
"Do we really have to take Doris with us?" Mikey's voice edged toward whine.

"Yes. We promised Dad we wouldn't go anywhere with out the babysitter. Beside, she can probably cook. And if we bring her boyfriend along, she won't complain too much."

Mikey sneered. "And what happens when she wears out this one? You're almost old enough for her to notice."

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