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26 September 2018 @ 05:07 pm
_Meet the Family_ part 14  

Chapter Nine

Home Again

Waiting in line for the gate from Embassy to One World, she sent a brief note to Urfa, about returning with an ambassador and the aide who attempted to control, and failing that, attempted to kill King Leano. And a recommendation for warrants for hostile truth matches.

By the time she’d gotten the limo into the Gate City traffic control system it was late afternoon. She requested expedited routing to the gate to Paris. She had her longer report firmly in her head—and all of her passengers sound asleep after Updo pulled a knife and tried to kill the ambassador—and started typing.

She had the whole report . . . with a brief interruption to drive through the corridor to nighttime Paris, then into the corridor to the central district . . . done, and received an order from Urfa to bring her prisoners to the back door of Government House, and sent the report.


She didn’t even have time to find a uniform. Urfa, as usual, had moved fast. Coming in right behind her, Interior Director Ajki. A third car disgorged Exterior Director Izzo and . . . her brother-in-law?

“Ox? What?”

“You’ve been a bit busy lately. I, One help me, have been coordinating the merging of Native Police Departments with Ours.”

Izzo swapped grins with Ajki. “We argued over which directorate ought to run it, and finally agreed on a temporary position under XT. Give us two years and we’ll be fighting over who gets to keep him.”

“You don’t need a good cop.” Ajki grinned. “I do.”

Rael could feel her eyebrows rising. “And now they’re going to throw you into this? Poor man.”

“Rael!” A call from Ohhe. “What is this?

“The Chain Spell. The effect is sort of like methelformaline, but I can take it off in seconds. Search them both, check for suicide pills and termination implants. Especially in the young one.”


Rael led Izzo and Oz in to interrogation room. Just a round table with eight chairs for a major truth match. And the mirrored windows for the observers. The President was there, and he had the Prime Councilor and . . . Ambassador Never! Plus two senior priests.

Urfa hustled in. “Good job Rael. Shall we start with the hitman for his bit, the chauffeur, and then see if the Ambassador knows anything?”

Rael nodded, and they sorted themselves out. The two priests, the accused, Rael, Ox, and a late arriving fellow in a business suit who was introduced by the Prime Councilor as “Peeve, a security analyst of mine.” Izzo and Ajki made up the necessary eight. The watchers stepped through the door to the observation room.

Updo was led, wobbling into the room. Rael stepped up and remove the lingering shreds of the sleep spell. He jerked fully awake, paled as he looked around the room, flushed as his gaze returned to her. “You traitorous Bitch!”

She reached a hand closer and broke the Chain.

An explosion of spells.

All contained by the guards.

The two priests swapped glances, and took the seats on either side of the chair with restraints. The guards wrestled him into the seat and strapped him in.

As the arresting office, Rael presented the Warrant. Got cursed. Shrugged and took her seat.

The arrogant little weasel was even worse inside. A nasty sense of a twist behind his inner hard held shields. Bits leaked through, as the priests worked on him.

“Only my third job! How could a stupid giggling bitch ruin My plans!”

Rael giggled, and the explosion of hatred and bile got the priests in a bit further.

“Who ordered you to influence the king?” got a squirming evasion, but nothing behind it.

He guesses, but does not know.

‘Who delivered the orders?” A flash of a man’s face, body form, movement. A sealed envelope, a well-manicured hand. Soft. An office worker who worked out in the gym occasionally.

Blind errand runner. High probability.

“The warrant only covers this incident.” Ox sounded exasperated.

Yep. We’ll have to dig the old fashioned way to find out what his first two “jobs” were.

More digging came up with nothing more. So they moved forward. The envelope contained electronic documents, his assignment to the delegation. He gave them a full blast of his frustration at failing to get close enough to the king. Then the new opportunity, and his plans to use Rael to finally get close enough . . . Another explosion of anger as she turned him down and disappeared.

And reappeared right where he wanted her—without him!

Hustling the ambassador.

The lunch attack from his point of view. With more temper tantrums.

The shock when he realized that Rael’s presidential level implanted ID gave her access to the car and its security systems.

The realization that Rael had trapped them inside the limo.

His order to the chauffeur to kill Rael.

The priests released him, and he cursed them, Rael, the president, the Modernists, the War Party, the Prime Councelor . . .

The guards took him away.

The chauffeur knew nothing. He just drove and followed orders. “Updo ordered me to kill the woman. I looked to the ambassador and he nodded.”

Ambassador Ozma made a brief statement about getting orders to expedite Updo’s familiarization with the Native Government. “It was from the Ministry. Not specifically signed, it was no big deal. I thought he had important connections, so I took him along whenever I went anywhere. I didn’t think it was . . . important.”

They sent him off and adjourned to the president’s conference room.


Rael eyed the Ministry fellow. “Peeve, is it?”

“Double u, pee, vee, double u. My parents meant well.”

“You recognized the errand runner, didn’t you?”

“Not by name, he’s a low level man in the Diplomatic bureaucracy. I’ll find him.”

“Quickly.” Rael nodded. “At this level, unfortunate accidents happen with regularity.”

Scar joined them. “They’re all three locked up.” He looked her up and down, and bit his lip, probably to stop himself from laughing.

“I my luggage is still on Comet Fall. I get around to finding a uniform . . . real soon now. Let’s take a look at some pictures and see if we can spot the Errand Runner. I’d like to get him under wraps before the news gets around. Might save his life.”

They hauled Peeve into the Blackhorse Workroom and started looking at Ministry employee pictures. “Diplomacy’s in the Green building, isn’t it? Let’s check there first.”

Scar tapped away at another comp. “There’s two other ministries with offices in there. Here’s their personnel assigned there . . .”

Rael shifted over to watch over his shoulder as he clicked through. “Stop, Peeve?”

The man leaned . . . “Yeah, that’s who I thought it was. Address?”

cnmckenney on September 26th, 2018 10:30 pm (UTC)
So he's a hired gun. And someone with access to the Foreign Ministry personnel is the next higher person in the chain.

Yep. Wheels within wheels within wheels. Middle Eastern chicanery at its most devious.

Pam, are you SURE you didn't write for the movie serials? I keep expecting to see Dr. Fu peeking out from behind a curtain and Ming slithering down the hall.
matapampamuphoff on September 26th, 2018 10:52 pm (UTC)
I didn't even watch them. I'm afraid I can't even blame bad TV for the way my mind works.
Mike WeatherfordMike Weatherford on September 27th, 2018 12:33 am (UTC)
I LOVE the way your mind works. 8^)
(Anonymous) on September 27th, 2018 05:07 am (UTC)
The Ambassador
The question to me is: Why did Updo try to knife the Ambassador given how little the Ambassador knew?
matapampamuphoff on September 27th, 2018 04:52 pm (UTC)
Re: The Ambassador
Updo had no idea where the Ambassador stood, in relation to his employer, how much dirt he might have on said employer, or could possibly be the employer.

But mostly, he's in a rage over being caught, trapped, and on his way to what could easily be his trial, conviction, and execution, and the ambassador was the only thing he could take his rage out on.