matapam (pamuphoff) wrote,

It Came From The Wedding 2

  He steered out on to the street and around the plaza to park beside the Disco building.

Madam Pawz stuck her nose in the air and marched up the steps as if she didn't feel the ominous loom of the building.

In the lobby, Dagger was watching Q  . . . who had a perfectly ordinary door-and-frame leaning against the wall.

Madam Paz halted abruptly. "What the One is that woman doing?" She blinked and rubber her eyes. "It's . . . almost like there's . . . a room?"

Q turned around. "Yes, there is. And you can see it? Can you see this?" She grabbed thin air.

"Well, yes . . . the optician always said they were floaters, nothing to worry about."

Ebsa choked faintly. "He didn't understand . . . which up until a few years ago no one else would have either."

Pawz frowned. "You have then all over your arms . . . and they're all rooms with . . . desks in them?"

"Yes. We've outgrown the assembly room, so I'm adding some, umm, extra space in back and  some side galleries."

Dimensionally. Ebsa boggled, and stood back while Q showed both Dagger and Pawz how to seal the bubble around the door jamb, push the door up solidly against the wall and magically stick it there.

Ebsa stepped through the door, into a room with the same sort of desks as the main assembly room, all facing a bronze surface bulging back into the room. The inside of a bubble. And suddenly the bronze was pulled away. A triangular opening, then the point on the floor stretch up into a rectangle with Q on a ladder.

" . . . and then we anchor the last corner and voila! A dozen more seats. "I'll put another one on the other side,  and then two long one down the sides of the room, one above the other. I figure the high ones can be the press or just . . . people who want to watch.."

Pawz walked in, out that door and around to the big double door. Ebsa followed, ducking back a forth a couple of times to check that the room really wasn't bulging back into the lobby . . .

"That's amazing." Madam Pawz turned to Q. "Can I help with the others?"

:: Hey Paer. Guess what? ::

:: No guess needed. "Look, Paer! Your precious Closey is having lunch with another woman!" I just about choked when I saw you with my mother! I never wanted you to meet that bitter . . . Oh Honestly!  Why are you laughing? ::

:: Come over to Disco and see. ::

:: Disco . . . you're getting her tested? ::

Ebsa glance over to where his prospective Mother-in-Law was catching  nothing, and opening it up. Shoving her purse in. Sticking it on her arm . . .

Yikes! Fast study!

:: I think your mother is about to have a major career change. ::
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