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08 January 2018 @ 09:41 am
_Cooking Hot_ part 14  
Sorry this is dragging on with small inconsequential bits, but I'm working on _Last Merge_. On which you guys are awesome.

Two hours later they lugged four big stock pots and four very mismatched teapots, chosen for their large spouts rather than esthetics, back to the squishy kitchen.

Ra'd was waiting for him. "Eight gallons of passably good red wine. Ten gallons of heavy cream. Really, I had no idea how much went into all these fancy sauces of yours."

"Well, I've never cooked for a nebulous sized crowd of 'twenty thousand people work here and who knows how many more will come' before." Ebsa eyed the boxes of wine. "The wine reduction sauce is going to take the most time. I'll start working on it tonight."

Epic grinned. "You can cook everything ahead of time and keep it in the bag!"

"Yep. But just the sauces and veggies. I'll put on a bit of a show, cooking the meat. I'm tempted to do it over flaming charcoal, just for the spectacle."

Ra'd laughed. "Did you learn your knife juggling in the kitchen, Kitchen?"

"Of course. When my Momma wasn't looking."

That got laughs.

"Now, I need a small pavilion sort of thing, and this bunting Mike spoke of. I've looked at the site, but they don't have khaki and brown, so I think I'll go with orange."

Ra'd snickered. "Luckily for you, orange doesn't come with the same freight of meaning as green."

Ebsa paused. "Should it?"

"No, the Orange Team never used that name again, after they arrived here. But two and a half centuries later, my dad did tell me about it. That was their Explorer Team name, carried over from their early years when the . . . products of the various genetic engineering companies were evaluated as to the utility of their various experimental additions."

Epic gawped at him.

Ebsa thought that over. He knew them all. Or at least the ones still alive after two and a half centuries of off-and-on warfare. "I'll bet the historians are swooning at your step mother's feet."

That got a grin. "According to rumors she's only hit one of them. So far."

A feminine laugh from behind him. Paer ran a hand up and down his back as she stepped up beside him. "I heard she boxed his ears and told him to be more respectful."

Ebsa raised his eyebrows.

"Three more patients discharged. Just three still in the hospital. Yes, Woofie and Rye. Their parents came again today. They're all bearing up all right." She snorted. "And on my way here, five people asked me what you were cooking for dinner tonight. One what you were cooking for the Fair. And two castigated me for running around with low lifes."

She sighed. "Three more marriage proposals. Is there no limit to social climbers?"

Ra'd flashed a grin. "What's the population of the Empire? Nine billion? Roughly half male? That pretty much limits it."

Paer rolled her eyes. "Only three billion, nine hundred and ninety-nine million nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred and eighty-three to go."

Epic blinked. "Only seventeen?" he eyed Ebsa and Paer blushed.

Ebsa shrugged. "I'm stupid and Paer's dad had enough trouble his last election."

Paer nodded. "Three years, then if he doesn't get up the nerve, I'll give him the heave-ho."

James ResoldierJames Resoldier on January 9th, 2018 01:43 am (UTC)
Paer nodded. "Three years, then if he doesn't get up the nerve, I'll give him the heave-ho."

muirecanmuirecan on January 9th, 2018 02:00 am (UTC)
Thankfully for her he doesn’t wait trey years.
matapampamuphoff on January 9th, 2018 03:10 am (UTC)
No, he goes from worrying about messing up Orde's reelection, to realizing that it looks a bit dicey, and big splashy wedding might be just what it needs.
muirecan: Withersmuirecan on January 9th, 2018 08:21 am (UTC)
That is indeed what I remember from. Their wedding story.