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24 December 2017 @ 10:56 am
A small tidbit that you've probably already seen . . .

Rael hesitated at the door. This is probably not a good time to try to circumvent his security.

"Definitely. You here to kill me? Again?"

The deep, warm, laughing voice melted her inside all over again.

She looked over her shoulder at him. "No. I just have questions Urfa hopes you'll answer." So was he already outside? Or did he teleport behind me? Somehow slipping out a window seems too mundane.

"Okay. Why don't we get the business over with first." He eased up out of the dark, and slid his arms around her, half lifting her from the ground.

She tilted her head back for a kiss, and staggered as she dropped a few inches  . . . onto a different sort of paving. Or native rock. What little she could see, silhouetted against the starlit sky was natural . . . there was light behind her. She turned in his loose grasp . . . down below them, tall buildings with a few lights, street lights, lower buildings with a light here and there. Embassy. A world, a town, a place where the parallel worlds could talk instead of fight.

Most of the time.

She turned back to the tall man behind her. "We're having a horrible time deciding if Comet Fall is the abode of heroes or an ancient evil. Or a modern terror. What was that, what happened to the Helaos home world and that world they were merging with?"

"I don't know. Q managed to find the world where Eldon acquired that . . . weapon. Apparently it was something an experimental physicist came up with, when he tried to tap the inbetween for power. Not, mind you, that he understood anything about dimensional travel. If his experiments had gone a slightly different direction, he might have managed a gate. But they went this direction and he discovered he had a weapon. From what I saw of the process while fleeing in abject terror, it erodes three dimensional space into dark matter, hate that name, doubt it means the same thing on different worlds. Umm, back into the potential from which splitting worlds gain their mass."


"Apparently the tiny prototypes were small enough to burn themselves out having made a mess of a few square meters. He and his colleagues  . . . one of them had some . . . interesting contacts . . . they decided to build some models and sell them to a blackmarket arms dealer for a whole lot of money."

"Oh . . . crap. How many did they make and are they dead?"

"Three small ones as demonstrations, and one big one that they calculated could take out a city.  The fellow who knew how to do it died accidentally, about the time the police jumped them. The arms dealer stole one of the Black Island Gang's SUVs, loaded the weapons in it and tried to run. They set off one of the small demo's as a distraction. Falchion, one of the very talented dimensional witches was able to convert it to a gate of sorts. Q is still studying it." He rubbed his nose, shrugged.

"Ajha says they recaptured their SUV, opened a gate of their own the usual way and decamped. Only later did he realize they'd made off with these very dangerous weapons.
"Ajha knows the Hors de Combat?"

"Yeah, in fact, he's know Rior since they were both on Comet Fall forty-three years ago. So the big weapon is what Eldon used on the Cannibals. He's still got the two small ones. The cops back there have the lead physicist's colleagues under control, and said that they don't actually know how Reynolds did it. He was fortunately secretive, made the crucial bits himself. And wherever he kept his notes, the police haven't found them yet."

"So there are two small-scale world-dissolving weapons in the hands of a criminal gang. Well, so long as no one figures out how to make more . . . I'll only have minor nightmares—about asking a Philosopher of the One to please write a report about how a criminal gang acquired a collection of super-weapons."

Starlight gleamed off a quick flash of teeth. "At least, once it had disolved the entire planet, it died out in the vacuum of space."

"Yeah. Could have been worse."