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25 November 2017 @ 08:34 am
_Stone_ part 17  
 Backing up a little bit . . .

She stood up, the Medic hovering as she wavered. She nodded that she was all right and headed for her sister, in amongst the mixed group of NSA, FBI and a couple of boggled looking State Troopers who were apparently being kept away from everything . . . odd..

Nicole grabbed her in a bear hug. Held her off to examine her cheek. "You need to see a doctor and I need to find Kris."

The head NSA guy frowned at them. "You understand you are not to talk about this?"

They both nodded.

Rachel looked at him. "Are you going to make most of this disappear? Turn it into, oh, I suppose a messy drug bust, and they had these vicious big dogs?"

His eyes narrowed. "Something like that. I would like to keep you two off the record."

"Well . . . Neither of us have filed police reports about kidnapping, or car hijacking . . . would it help to, umm take Nicole's car? Just drive away and we were never here, I cut my face on some broken glass? The car's parked up there . . . The keys . . . "

"Kris gave me his keys." Nicole dug in her pocket, relaxed with a huff of relief as she pulled them out.

"An excellent idea." He checked something on his oversized phone. "Kovac's at Banner. Please drive carefully."

They staggered off, heading up the ridge.

"Nicole, are you all right to drive?"

"Yes. I'll be fine."

"Good, because I don't think I can and we really need to get out of here." Rachel collapsed into the passenger seat.

Nicole wound past a collection of vehicles and bumped carefully across the rough terrain, the route now well marked by crushed brush. The trooper at the road waved them on, phone to his ear.

"So. We've survived. Let's find Kris and get you seen by a real doctor."

Rachel nodded. "But first we're going home." Surely they haven't bugged us? "I'm going to take a shower."

"Oh, that sounds heavenly." Nicole turned onto the highway and sped up. "Home in twenty minutes."

Rachel nodded silently. Please let me be right!

She leaned her head back, a kalidescope of everything that had happened whirling through her head. She squinted at the dash . . . less than eight hours. I came back from 'lunch' and that van parked beside me. I got out, the door slid open and they pulled me right in.

At least Nicole got as far as pulling her gun out of her purse. Pity she didn't shoot one of them. I wonder if I hit that dog hard enough . . . no, Stone got him. At least once he'd chewed through the ropes on my wrists I was able to get to the knife and free both of us.

She closed her eyes . . . blinked awake as Nicole pulled into the garage.

Swallow, straighten shoulders. "Pop the trunk."

She walked back and raised the lid.

He was there.

Limp and bloody, but looking at her. A soft thump of his tail . . . on his clothes. Oh, that was what Kris got out of the back seat. Removing evidence that he was working with a werewolf.

That there was a werewolf who got away.

"Hi, Stone. Can you get out of there or should we take you to a vet . . . or a doctor?"

The big dog shoved himself up and oozed carefully over the lip and down to the floor. Limped carefully for the door to the house. Nicole scurried ahead . . . by the time Stone had limped into the living room, Nicole had the back cushions off the couch, a blanket over them, a first aid kit . . . Stone limped past, and into the master bathroom's big walk in shower.

"Oh, good idea."

Rachel warmed up the water . . . with Stone opening his mouth to the spray and started spitting . . . "Ew, yeah, you bit a lot of nasty . . . people, didn't you?"

"Here." Nicole pulled a new toothbrush out of a package, and supplied toothpaste.

But after getting his teeth—and the tongue he stuck out—brushed, Rachel carefully washed him down. All the blood on his face washed off, no sign of a bite or cut. Not his blood.

In fact, most of the blood proved to be not Stone's. A few claw trails, bites, and a long deep cut down his shoulder. Still oozing, but not bleeding too much. She washed carefully around it then flushed it out while he whimpered.

Dried him off, and applied antiseptics . . . "That cut ought to be stitched."


Rachel snorted. "That was the least threatening growl I've ever heard. But I'll leave it alone if that's what you want."


She grabbed a towel and started rubbing where he wasn't injured.

"Do you need anything to eat? Or . . . "


Nicole snickered. "Right, how about some soup . . . "

Then he limped to his improvised bed and stretched out.

Rachel covered him up. "Okay, we're going to shower, and then I need to see a doctor. And Nicole needs to check on Kris."

Trump, thump.

He was snoring when she walked back downstairs.



Kris hurt everywhere.

The doctor cheerfully informed him he'd lost track of the count of sutures around a hundred and fiftyish, but not to worry. The ones that couldn't be seen would dissolve, and he could see his regular doctor about removing the surface stitches in ten days and get recommendations for physical therapy.

"To rehab all those muscles I just stitched back together. The rest is just bruises. You did a good job protecting your head." The doctor sighed then. "I really wish your scary NSA buddies would tell me what happened."

Kris just grunted. "The NSA has . . . the mindset of keeping everything secret. Interagency rivalry being what it is, even I won't get details. Stupid . . . 'just,' if I can use the term, a big drug bust gone tits up, with a pot load of vicious trained attack dogs. The main problem—the drug gang managed to offload most of the drugs somewhere else, so the NSA is pissed that they've got to run off and figure out where it all went. And don't want to admit to the DEA that they lost track of it."

And that's the official story that will be allowed to leak a bit, then reluctantly admitted to. Damn Wright. They had the three house addresses and botched the surveillance. They all got away, and headed straight for Nicole and Rachel.

A tap at the door, Nicole peered in.

The doctor looked relieved. "You must be Mrs. Kovac. Good. Here are the prescriptions. Instructions. I doubt you'll have any trouble keeping him in bed for a few days, but try to make him take it easy for at least a week. I'll see him then—call my office for an appointment—then if he's doing well, his regular doctor can take over."

Nicole gulped a bit, looking him over. "Well, I put Rachel to bed, and fed the dog. All that's left is to get you home."

The dog. Excellent. I think.

mbarker: Me typing?mbarker on November 25th, 2017 11:48 pm (UTC)
That works, I think. Nice!
muirecanmuirecan on November 26th, 2017 02:34 am (UTC)
Why is it I think this family has just picked up a new dog. :D
Everitt MidckeyEveritt Midckey on November 26th, 2017 09:17 am (UTC)
I'm rilly, rilly enjoying this.
Will it be published on Kindle?
will it be a series?
matapampamuphoff on November 26th, 2017 01:33 pm (UTC)
Re: stone
It will eventually be on Kindle.

There are four main groups of Hunters, so I'll have to address them, as well as the demon.

My "must write fast" NaNoWriMo project has me writing ahead rather than going back and filling up holes, so Stone's currently in LA tracking that group down, and will head for the Pacific Northwest as soon as I figure out how to write that big fight. Whether it all becomes a single book, and each episode becomes a separate book is hard to say, at this point.