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18 November 2017 @ 05:14 am
_Stone_ part 7 additional scene  
  At least there were no white glows in the cars. If they're going somewhere out in the desert, it's without a victim.

I turned around and started limping back. At least my hip wasn't hurting. A little skin off my pads would heal fast enough. And another night of sleeping rough. Maybe I'd change back and buy dinner. Although I was hungry enough that even kibble sounded good.

No it didn't.

When I got back to my little nest in the bushes, I changed and dressed.

Checked my cash. Not enough to splurge, but a burger at the all night place would be just fine. I waited until there were no cars driving by and slipped out of the bushes and around the corner.

I sat outside and savored real human food . . . And looked up to find a man watching me. A Hunter.

Oh shit.

Oh . . . opportunity. Can I pass myself off as being from out of town? Ask questions?

I nodded politely to him. Took another bite
He stalked up and looked me up and down. "I don't know you."

I swallowed. Be cool. You can carry this off. "Just passing through."

"East Coast by your accent. And your color's off. You're nothing but a halfer. Bet you've never seen the Demon."

"I've been to a dance." Shit, they did call it a dance, didn't they? And something about a great demon? "I've seen the Great Demon. I'm just here to earn some money. I'll be gone soon enough."

"Oh? Is Dominic trying to pick up territory out here? Tell him to go bugger himself."

I nodded. "Not that he'd listen to me . . . we have our differences."

Damn it, how do I get information out of him? What the hell did those killers say?

"All the stupid history he spouts." Stone looked the Hunter up and down. "But then I suppose you believe all the crap about the four brothers and such."

"It's not crap! How dare you defile the legends of our people."

Stone sighed. Loudly. "Yeah, go ahead. Convince me. Tell me your version." Took a big bite of burger.

Glare. "Sashoddifail entered the World in the fire of an under-sea volcano . . . are you quite certain you've seen the All-Mother?"

Stone remembered the fire at the dancing ground . . . shifted nervously. It was just smoke.

The Hunter snickered. "Yeah, you've seen her. I'll bet you ran away like a yelping puppy." He laughed and Stone suspected he'd blushed.

Or possibly looked terrified.

He sat across the table from Stone and stared into his eyes. "She absorbed the essences of the life around her, and assumed the shape of the most advanced, the octopus."

Stone glowered. "Whales, dolphins, seals . . . "

"Shut up. The All-Mother preferred the shape of the octopus, the ability to grasp and make. She partook of all as a she explored. And at the end of the water, there were more things. Bears, wolves, cougars . . . and man. And in man she found the perfect mix. Intelligence and hands." The Hunter wiggled his fingers in the air.

Like he's telling a story to a little kid. But I'm not going to interrupt his insanity.

"And Man lived with Dogs. The All-Mother partook of both, and understood that they were two species living together, not just one. That together they were greater than both separately. And so when she created us, she made the four sons both dog and man, as mutable as she herself."

Stone wiggled his own fingers. "With cat's claws." He made himself shrug. "A tall tale for the kiddies. I figure the four sons were escapees from a government lab."

The Hunter growled as he stood and loomed. "Don't go spouting that heresy around us, Puppy. We've danced with the Demon and we know the truth. I think you'd better head back East where you belong." He stalked out.

Stone sat and stared at what was left of his dinner. Appetite gone.

My version makes more sense.

It was just smoke.