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17 November 2017 @ 08:53 am
_Stone_ part 10  

They'd run out of news and started chatting about the weather—about how dry it had been and hopefully they wouldn't have something called a haboob.

I hadn't a clue what they were talking about, so I put my head back down. The ache was wearing off . . . I'd never tried to switch back in mid-change before. And while it was useful to know it worked, I really hoped I'd never have to do it again!

And then . . . football! Yes! Monday Night Football!

I couldn't help it, my tail wagged madly. Seahawks versus the Cardinals.

Rachel reached down and scratched that itchy spot between my shoulder blades. "So, you like football too, Stone?"


I even stood for the National Anthem.

And with the crowd cheering a long runback, I slipped into the laundry room and turned on the dryer.

Closed the door and slipped back just as Rachel noticed I was gone. I gave her a hopeful look and tail wag and headed for the kitchen. Sat and stared at the refrigerator.

"Oh dog, really!" Rachel had followed me, shaking her head.

"Give him a hotdog." Nicole called over the roar of the crowd.

Rachel pulled out a pack with only two hotdogs left. She pulled one out and offered it to me.

I gave her my best shocked looked and turned to stare at the microwave.

She started laughing. "Oh? You want it hot? How about a bun and mustard."

"Woof!" I danced happily around, and was rewarded with a proper hotdog.

Then we watched more football.

The buzz of the dryer came with the first touchdown, and I bolted down the hall to stop it before it buzzed again. I opened the back door, dropped the dryer door and scooped everything out to the back porch. I had to make three trips, being in dog form, to get everything around the corner to my hideout, then I closed the dryer, the back door, the inside door, and flopped down to watch the rest of the game.

That was a much needed task, all wrapped up.

All is well with the world.

Chapter Fifteen


Monday night

Rachel spotted the dog leaving from the corner of her eye.

What is he up to now? He keeps going back to the laundry room, which is really odd. And pretty funny. How on Earth did someone train him to close doors?

She got up and walked down the hall . . . eased the door open . . . Oops, the pup had left the back door open—probably because the dryer door was in the way.

Don't tell me Stone opens cupboards and stuff . . . and why is the dryer warm?

She peered at the pile of clothes out side the door . . . men's clothes? A purple shirt . . . just like the Handyman Central shirts . . .

She reached and turned over the purple shirt.

The embroidered name was clear.


She backed away . . . slipped out the inner door and walked back to the living room.

Stared blankly at the screen.

Stone's a werewolf.

Dog. Whatever.

She shook her head.

Oh don't be stupid.

Did Stone find his owner Leo and lead him back here? And finding us gone, Leo decided to do his laundry while we were gone? That's creepy enough. And it would explain why Stone keeps going back there.

Oh God. Is Leo a rapist? Is he stalking me? Doing creepy things before he strikes?

All things considered, I think I'd prefer a were-dog to a creepy stalker.

She froze at a thump. Looked down at the big dog stretching out, looking tired.

Of course, a werewolf would explain all the locks and doors and gates. And he has to run off to work every day. And likes his hotdogs hot, in buns, with mustard.

Why does he work . . . well, duh, for money. This isn't a stupid movie where he's the filthy rich head of a pack of werewolves.

Not that I believe in werewolves. But . . .

I wonder when the full moon is?

And why was he limping down the highway?

After the game, she gave Stone a bowl of kibble and filled a bowl with water—out on the back patio. And made sure the outside laundry room door was both locked and a broom "just happened" to fall where it barricaded the door.

Not that someone couldn't get in . . . but they'd make a lot of noise, and Rachel was quite certain that FBI Agents carried loaded guns. Kris probably sleeps with one under his pillow.

Maybe I need one.


And yet, the next morning she kind of missed the big mutt, who had departed sometime during the night.

Except . . . he'll be at work, won't he?

Slapped her forehead.

Rachel, listen to yourself. Leo is not a werewolf. Maybe he's creepy, or maybe he's homeless. Whichever, you'd better stay away from him.

Chapter Magic


Rachel's sister was the only one home when I got there. I hid my clothes, and trotted around to the back door.

"Woof!" I sat and put on my best smile and wagged my tail when she left me in.

"Honestly, dog. If you weren't so charming, you'd be in big trouble." She scooped dry dog food, refilled my water bowl and left me staring at the kibble.


But I still ate every bit of it.

I checked that Nicole was upstairs in what they called the computer room and reached under the couch to retrieve my library books. Demonology had been a bit much, so I tried the Natural Magic book. It started out like the Power of Positive Thinking, meditating and visualizing the results you wanted, and then visualizing all the steps to get there. I think she left out the bit about "and then get off your sass and do it," but it wasn't what I'd call magic.

I ought to have quit there, but the author dived into crystals, aroma therapy, and feng shui. It was interesting in a sort of "Please tell me no one actually believes that" way.

I shoved the books back under the couch when I heard Nicole coming down the stairs. Wagged my tail and concentrated on how lovely a ham sandwich would be. Fresh bread, a touch of mayo and mustard, thin sliced swiss cheese, that delicious smoked ham I could smell from here . . .

She walked into the kitchen and fixed a beautiful big ham sandwich. And sat down and ate it.

Clearly I was going to have to work harder on my visualization.

I stared at her. Poor dog. Needs a bite of ham.

She cleared everything away and walked out, patted me on the head. "Poor dog. Do you need a bite of ham?"

She walked back to the fridge and got me one.

Definitely going to practice visualizations.

(Anonymous) on November 17th, 2017 10:09 pm (UTC)
No, Leo! Don't be evil!

muirecan: Withersmuirecan on November 18th, 2017 08:14 am (UTC)
Use your power for evil! Use it to get HAM!