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07 November 2017 @ 09:55 am
_Nowhere Man_ the end  

Chapter Eleven

"So, you're a wizard, and you’re only mostly human?" G. eyed the two bottles of wine, then the smaller bottles of specialized 'potions.'

"Huh. What's with the prejudice? I'm 99.9% plain old human. Pretty stupid to judge by the one tenth of one percent, isn't it? Anyhow, if you use any of those you'll be gaining a few extra genes yourself." Over the last eight months the dye had washed out of Eldon's hair, and it was long enough for a pony tail again.

Katy Marcil held out a wine glass. "I insist on being the guinea pig. I want this wild wine you speak of, and the elixir of long life, and I damn well want the skin tightener and the un-gray the hair one. And I've always wanted to be a genuine witch."

She and G. fell to wrangling about it, with Sindara and Kris, the snotty kid and Saundra all chiming in. Samples from bottles started getting poured.

Lily was looking thoughtful.

Eldon wandered away letting everyone argue. Jack and Margo were hanging over the fence, looking at the foals. The eight months of splicing, dubbing, musicating, special effects and everything else that had to be done to finish up a film was done. The premier showing had been dynamite. The investors were delighted, the release date thrashed out . . . "They're about old enough to wean now." Eldon scratched withers over the fence. "I'll be closing on my place up north in a couple of weeks. Some quick fencing and these guys'll have all the running room they could want."

"You should stay closer to Hollywood. You've signed for three more movies." Jack sniffed. "I hate you come-from-nowhere instant stars."

"Ha. Let's see what happens when the movie opens next week. Then we'll see if I'm an instant star. And I can commute with no trouble at all."

Lily snorted as she walked up behind him. "So long as you don't have more re-entry problems."

"Nah, that was a one time thing. I think. But the police and those professors are driving me up the wall. I gotta be a bit harder to get a hold of."

"What about Lily?" Jack squinted against the setting sun.

"I believe she's got another year of college to finish, and other important decisions to make. So I'm not pressuring her."

Lily poked him in the ribs. "And Lily really wonders about that. She figures you're promiscuous and unreliable."

Eldon nodded. "Best thing about Lily is her brains. She knows I'm no good, and that she ought to run away, fast."

Lily hoisted her glass and sipped. "Wow. Good wine, and a heck of a kick. If it actually works, will you be giving magic lessons?"


"I'm not ready to settle down. I need to finish growing up. Discover who I am, all by myself."

Eldon smiled down at her, and lowered his voice. "Let's just be friends."

She blushed. "For now. While I think things through."

"Right. And I figure out if I'm actually going to be allowed to stay here, or the police can't deal with my fake ID." He kissed her fingers. "Right now, that lot over there are fixing to start drinking magic potions, and it's bound to start an orgy—nobody ever seems to believe me about the aphrodisiacs in the wine. Why don't you guys grab Snotty and Sindara, and remove them from the scene, being careful to not leave Lily behind. I'll guide the naïve into a more private spot—your Jacuzzi grotto will be perfect—and then I can join the orgy. Lily will never want to speak to me again, so that problem will be solved."

Lily thumped his ribs, then helped Margo manhandle Sindara out of the group. The wine was already being drunk, and the smoldering looks were passing around. Jack grabbed Xavier, and they retreated.

"Ah, no fair! I'm thirteen, you shouldn't treat me like a kid!"

"You turned thirteen two days ago. You are a kid. No alcohol, with or without magic spells. Give me that bottle. Mage gene? Holy . . . It couldn't possibly work . . ."

Eldon shook his head at the remaining group. They were passing around the potions, mixing them in their fancy wine glasses. With the Wine of the Gods as a base. He recommended more privacy. And suggested the hot tub, and they all sort of oozed that way on a wave of hormones. Five of his Killer Dance Ladies, the Old Hag, six guys besides him? G. grabbed Katy and kissed her, Emilia tackled Felipe and the orgy was officially underway.

Eldon removed himself before kissing led to something that would get him into trouble, and walked back to the corral to saddle up Star, who'd been the worst of a rather indifferent bunch of equine parents. Her black colt was so black he was nearly iridescent purple, with a pair of white jags over his neck and hips so white they were nearly blinding. Jack had named him Zeus. Muffin's twins were black as well. They both had a sprinkling of white hairs through their coats. Not enough to call them roans, but they sparkled in the sun. Banana's metallic palomino filly had white pinto markings. Blazer's bay colt looked a lot like the sire, Beastly, but with large white markings. Eldon pet the other three mares and all the foals. "I'm going to go home for a bit. See if any of my friends are interested in an honest career. Maybe I'll bring some of the kids here. They could go to school, get a solid grounding in science. That's actually a good idea, since I went over-board on the size of the place I bought. See you all in a week."

He rode off into nothing what-so-ever.

From the right camera angle it could have been into the sunset.

ekuah on November 7th, 2017 04:19 pm (UTC)
Random thought.
Genetically speaking, Eldon differs less from G. than G. from Katy or Lily.

There is at least a difference of 2.17% between G. and Katy. (She has no y-chromosome)
And still G. are considering her as fully human.

Puts the .1% in perspective, right?

(Anonymous) on November 8th, 2017 01:31 am (UTC)
Re: Random thought.
Your 2.17% assumes the Y chromosome is 1/46th of the total DNA, which it isn't. A full human DNA strand has about 3.2 billion base pairs. A Y has around 58 million, while X has 155 million.
ekuah on November 8th, 2017 08:35 am (UTC)
Re: Random thought.
Yeah, you are basically right.
I didn't want to dissect the difference scientifically.
But ether if you calculate it as
58,000,000/3,200,000,000th (~1.8%)
155,000,000/3,200,000,000th (~4.8%)
1/46th (~2.2%)

It's well over that 0.1% that makes Eldon special.
And before anyone accuses me of sexism, I think we all agree that women are human. And only some men still haven't evolved into human beings, yet.
(Anonymous) on November 8th, 2017 04:00 am (UTC)
I LOVE that last line.