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23 September 2017 @ 10:05 pm
_Girl Trip_  
Yeah, right. Must finish _Last Merge_ so of course I get another idea that just has to be written RIGHT NOW!!!!!

Chapter One

At the babble of voices, he grabbed the dried slices of goat. Rolled them in a stained but mostly clean shirt and dragged himself one armed over to the side of the little clearing in the heavy brush.

Probably looking for his goat. I'm sorry. Reduced to a thief.

I just hope it's enough food to last. It'll be hedgerows and rice fields from here on.

He edged himself carefully into his father's Bag, and finger walked the handles under the thorn bush before he closed them. Davos was sleeping . . . But he had to check carefully to be sure that Nick was still alive.

I got broth into him yesterday.

Dave looked at his splinted leg. It's healing hideously slowly. I should look and see if the infection has returned. Six weeks and I can still barely drag myself around. But my shoulder feels better. Maybe I can try crutches again.

He looked at his poorly set right arm, tried to move his shoulder and winced at the stab of pain.

"Lucky Dave my ass. I think I need a new nickname."

He closed his eyes and let sleep take him.

Chapter Two

Paris, One World

1Yusef 1409

"It's just not fair that the boys get to go first!"

Rael looked over at her niece-except-she's-really-my-daughter, and giggled. "The trick is to not let them see that you're upset. In fact you should act smug. And when you go back home in two weeks, you'll be showing off all the things you learned hanging around a bunch of Princesses . . . hmm . . . we should just happen to sneak in some sightseeing as well." She inched her car forward in line. We really need to double up the Montevideo to Paris Corridor.

Ryol paused in mid huff . . . "You mean, look around Paris?"

"Anywhere." Rael shot her a quick grin. "What or where will put you one up on Arno?"

"Oh . . . he's making a big deal out of having been to Embassy, and how he's going to use his own photographs in his Social Studies' report. Mine's going to be on the Rangpur survivors." She wiggled around and raised her eyebrows at Rael.

"Hmm, you know . . . Ryol . . . can you see bubbles that are being used? That are attached to things?"

"Like the one you've got? Sure. I can even see what in them, sort of. Yours has a rifle and two pistols, and bunch of clothes and a picnic basket with sandwiches and a bottle of wine." She tried to look innocent and failed.

Dear One! Did I really have anything to do with producing this gorgeous young lady? My hair would look a lot like that mop of curly red if I let it grow, but my nose and chin are pointy where she's somehow managed a nice straight regular nose, an a perfect chin. And cheekbones. And at almost twelve she's already got a better bosom than mine.

Raod must be frantic with worry—I mean both of us were, umm, dating a lot earlier than our parents knew.

Or maybe it's Ox who's worrying.

Heh. I can just hear him. "She's Ryol's biomother, they deserve time together. So let's send her off to Rael before she starts noticing men, and Rael turns into a bad influence.

"So . . . I was wondering if you'd met any of the Survivors. The President only mentioned two. The old guy and that really, really cute guy. Rah ad . . . "

Wait, she's a month away from being twelve. She can't be noticing boys yet!

"Well, I happen to know all the Rangpur survivors, so you can one-up all the millions of other kids who are also doing their reports on the survivors." Rael considered that . . . and another thing she'd been pondering as she researched the old Warriors. "How far away can you detect bubbles?"

Ryol's hand clenched as Rael sped up and bumped through the corridor.

"Ooo! That is so weird. And you can't feel it at all?"

"Just a little bump and squirm." Rael curved off and took the cross town corridor, then turned south. "That was the last one. Versalle is about six kilometers away."

Ryol closed her eyes, then smirked and pointed. "There's about a dozen anchored bubbles right over there."

"Hmm. You know, I've been studying the Warriors. They've lost about half the Bags of the Prophets."

Ryol sat up, grinning. "We can go find them!" Her eyes widened. "What if there are people inside? Warriors!"

Rael grinned back . . . then sobered. "At a ten thousand-to-one time dilation . . . umm."

"1200 years would be six weeks." Ryol paused. "Call it forty days, because it isn't exactly ten thousand anyway. But if they didn't come out in forty days . . . Anyone in there's probably dead . . . eww. Skeletons."

Rael swallowed a comment that six weeks wouldn't get them down to a nice clean skeleton, especially since there's be no insects or rodents to . . . She shut that thought down. Quick. A reason to find the bags but not open them . . . "Actually, you know scientists and historians would prefer that amateurs not fool with evidence, well not contaminate irreplaceable . . . stuff."

Ryol looked relieved. "And I could do my paper on The Search for the Lost Bags of the Prophets . . . Wow, that would be really cool!"

"Sure would. I'll show you the research I've got." Rael turned into the entrance to the Barracks and barns, and stopped for the guard. "But first, the tour."

The barns (lots of noses petted and wistful looks) The barracks (lots of raised eyebrows and silent whistles. And slinking away as Rael gave them the eye). And finally, the mansion, ending in Rael's office.

"A far as my tracking down the bags goes," Rael popped the list up on the wall. "Emre One has his own—as far as I know. Then Isak ibn Isak has his father's, ditto Ra'd ibn Nicholas."

Ryol eyed the list "And they have eighteen more in Makkah. So fourteen are lost."

"Yep. This map shows where each of the Prophets died. Green dots. Some of the old journals mention which son inherited the bag. Red dots. Practically all the tall tales have the Warrior with the bag he inherited from his father. Blue dots."

"Oooo! Two here in Paris . . . Oh at the Arrival."

"Right. Benjamin and Chloe. The battle was off and on for three days, and while the Islamic Army retrieved their bodies, all their equipment and clothing was gone. Probably taken for study by the Chinese. Possibly just ground into the dirt somewhere."

Ryol bounced in her chair. "We ought to tour the battlesite tomorrow! Can we? How far away is it?"

"Twenty kilometers. It's all a big park now, semi-continuous with the Old Paris park." Rael eyed the girl. "I've ridden all over most of it. One! I hope you don't live on horseback like Paer did."

Ryol shook her head. "I liked the lessons and all, but I'm not horse mad like some of my friends. Arno," she rolled her eyes, "is gaga over the Comet Fall horse on Embassy. He's a pretty good rider, but he didn't go crazy until he went to Embassy."

"Good. I mean. If you'd like a ride through Old Paris we'll do it, but I'm glad that's not going to be all you want to do." Real zoomed in on the map. "We'll drive out and let you get a good look at it tomorrow."

Ryol was frowning at the map. "You didn't put any dots on Fort Rangpur."

"Because I know where the two . . . of course there might have been more of them there. I'll ask Isakson . . . if I get up the nerve to ask him about Fort Rangpur. He doesn't like to talk about it." Rael glanced at the time. "Today, well, we've lost six hours so why don't we get dressed for dinner at Government House."

Ryol's eyes got wide. "Am I really going to meet the president?"

"Yep. So lets go to my place first, and change. Then Government House. Then back home to crash for the night."

(Anonymous) on September 24th, 2017 04:36 am (UTC)
Most serious writers I have heard or talked to have some mechanism to allow for interrupting ideas to be noted, or something, so that it can be examined later, then get back to the current priority. Of course, that doesn't always work too well....

I think you're just using your blog as a story-storing mechanism. Then, you can just ask *us* when we saw or remembered something....

btw, that is a scary kid. Being able to see *inside* someone else's bag? Might not be unique, but you haven't noted it before to my memory.

would this be before or after Xen gets munched by the cyborgs?

ekuah on September 24th, 2017 10:26 am (UTC)
Being to see *inside* someone bag.
At least it seams to be an uncommon talent.

There was a scene in 'Embassy' which hinted in the other direction.

'Betelgeuse glared. "I need to nurse. I'm sore." She opened and closed eight bubbles before she found her own baby. Her incipient panic subsided when she found the right infant. Who wasn't hungry, but was wet and cranky.'

Uphoff, Pam. Embassy (Wine of the Gods Book 26) (Kindle-Positionen5481-5483). Iron Ax Press. Kindle-Version.
matapampamuphoff on September 24th, 2017 11:52 am (UTC)
Re: Being to see *inside* someone bag.
I also, at the end of Outcasts, had Wolf able to check what was in his bubbles without actually opening them.
matapampamuphoff on September 24th, 2017 11:55 am (UTC)
This would be after Project Dystopia and before Ebsa and Paer get married, several years before Disco encounters the Cyborgs.
muirecan: Withersmuirecan on September 24th, 2017 05:18 am (UTC)
Ah fun to see Rael bonding with her daughter. Interesting ability with seeing inside bubbles.

Ian BirchenoughIan Birchenough on September 24th, 2017 09:57 am (UTC)
When did Rael discover her 'misaprpriated' Children? What happened with her Sis? and Xen?
matapampamuphoff on September 24th, 2017 11:50 am (UTC)
A year prior to the story. I think I've posted bit of it before, but it's not a finished story.

It probably got erased when I cleaned up my backfiles. Speaking of which, I need to do it again. Amazon doesn't like the stories to be out there, for free.

I'll repost Children of a Foreign God again. Might even let me catch up on Gate Team.
muirecan: Withersmuirecan on September 24th, 2017 06:40 pm (UTC)
You have mentioned it a few times and even posted the opening a couple of times, but you haven't posted the tale of Rael learning about the misplaced children.
matapampamuphoff on September 24th, 2017 07:51 pm (UTC)
Okay. Tomorrow. Warning! It is an unfinished story.
Michawl DolbearMichawl Dolbear on September 24th, 2017 09:22 pm (UTC)
24 March 2015 and it's still there

The bank vault story was posted later, 5 July 2016
(Anonymous) on September 30th, 2017 10:06 pm (UTC)
Veeeeeerry interesting
And allowing all sorts of directions to go in from mystery to monster-horror to hysterical. Have fun with your intro.
cnmckenney on October 1st, 2017 02:28 am (UTC)
Finished extant part of Girl Trip
OK, they have now done the rescue the wounded warrior. Next vignette needs to be Warrio-0f-the-One whose sanity was left back 1K years ago. He can't open a bag-of-the prophets from the inside. (Horror/Monster). Then a arsenal that a modern gang wants to misappropriate.(Thriller) Treasure hunt with clues on the bags and Oh-So-Never-Touch historical relics and locations.(Mystery) Find a bag and ALL the descendants start court proceedings to prove they are the true heir.(humor) find a bag and a newsie gets on Rael's last nerve so she drops the bag on him. About that point a action team decides they need the bag more that Rael so they grab Ryol and offer to swap. Newsie keeps figuring how to open bag from inside at absolutely the worst times. Rael is trying to get Ryol back and every time someone interferes she doesn't argue she just stuffs them in the bag.(humor and suspense)
Lots of possibilities.