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11 September 2017 @ 03:18 pm
_Gate Team_ part 5  
  A glare from Lapwing. "We don't need a spotter. We can see where the gates need to go, now."

"Good. Then we'll both feed you cones." Q sat down cross-legged right there.

Xen walked a hundred feet away and sat.

Rael strolled over, loosening her shields. Caught an edge of mental communications between the siblings.

:: Please don't kill her when you finally smack her down.::

Mental laughter from Q. :: Be glad I didn't show up with Swish, Ultra and Xanthic. ::

:: Ha, watching you try to tactfully order around a triad of . . . what are they now? Waning Halfs? ::

:: Yes. I acted a little dubious and asked if Xanthic had been able to do any dimensional work with two non-dimensional witches. Steam did not come out of Answer's ears, but I think it was a close thing. I was tempted to just ask Mom, Verse and Whoop to come. ::

:: Sadist. ::

Then their mental touches started getting blue, and Rael pulled away. Guard duty.

It was interesting, watching Xen's dogs. They killed three snakes and stood and stared at a couple dozen very large cows with impressive horns, until the cows stared back, shifted uneasily and decided to move away.

"Nice." Ohhe gave the dogs a pat apiece. "Not that a nice pit roast wouldn't have been fun, but I didn't want to shoot and interrupt the séance going on down there."

Both dogs grinned and glanced toward the witches.

Surely séance is not in their vocabulary . . .

Rael grinned. "Perhaps, once the witches take a break, you two could hunt up something for dinner."

Wags and grins.

Then they trotted off again to circle the séance . . . kill another snake . . .

And I'd better not let the word séance pass my lips when any of them are paying attention!