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05 September 2017 @ 04:25 pm
_Gate Team_ part 2  

"We've got five utes, for transport. And you have shelter?"

"Yep. I bubbled a building, and lots of food, so we're good there." Xen looked over to where Rael and the new princess were meeting the witches. It didn't appear to be going well.


Rael parked the ute in line with the other four and headed for Q. "Dr. Quail Quicksilver, this is Beir Withione, usually called Bunny."

"Bunny? A pleasure to meet you. Call me Q." Q shook the girls hand and turned to the witches. "We were working off a list of bird names that year, so we have Goldfinch, Jacana and Ibis for the Triad from the Rip Pyramid. And Demoiselle, Egret and Lapwing from the Mount Frost Pyramid."

"Guys? Bunny and Rael. Do be polite."

Jacana, a strikingly good looking redhead, sniffed and ignored them. "You're only two years older than we are, Q, and you've not been properly trained in the Half Moon exercises. Why should we listen to you?"

"Because I'm the expert in dimensional work and you want to learn."

The gorgeous blonde, Lapwing, if Rael had them sorted right, nodded toward Rael. "And why is she here? Trying to get rid of the family disgrace, Quicksilver Rustledaut? Or does the Rip Crossing Pyramid waste their time and energy raising boys?"

Family disgrace? Xen? A disgrace?

"I'm no longer under the orders of a warmonger, so, sorry, no murders planned." She gave the witches her best giggle.

Glares switched between Q and Rael.

Bunny rolled her eyes, and looked at the little packs the witches had brought. "So, are you guys traveling light, or do you have everything you own in bubbles?"

Lapwing rolled her eyes. "Don't be absurd. We have everything we need, not being spoiled little City Girls."

Jacana snorted. "Well, at least the new meat is fairly good looking."

"And of course, if you 'accidentally' kill one of them . . . " Q showed her teeth. "Answer will kick you out of the pyramid. She doesn't put up with Black Widows. None of these men are remotely related to Eldon or Heso. So get your rape retaliation reflexes under control. After all, you have your daughters, no reason to ever have sex again."

Jacana glowered. "It doesn't work like that."

"Then deal with it without hurting anyone else."

"Fine for you to say." Lapwing grabbed her two cases. "You weren't raped by a goat."

Rael paused and . . . decided to not ask.

Quicksilver raised an eyebrow. "Load your stuff and yourselves into the utes and we'll get underway . . . unless you'd rather run home to Answer and say you didn't give a damn about saving a world. I'll open the final gate." She turned and walked off . . . sat down cross legged.

"Good plan." Rael grinned at the other six witches. "This'll be really interesting, we'll have to compare notes on magic."

That got her six dubious looks.

Lapwing raised her nose and marched off to the nearest ute. Tossed her bags in the back and sat in the back seat.

Jacana added her bags and climbed into the front passenger seat. Glowered as Rael took the wheel.

She grinned at them. "So, you two are the Mean Girls of the group? This should be fun!"

Lapwing looked her up and down. "I've always wondered how a scrawny, giggling idiot with a pointy nose managed to catch Xen."

Jacana nodded. "And the haircut. Do you just attack your head with sheep shears? And why are you laughing!"

"Because I was worried I might have trouble being nice . . . but it looks like I won't even have to try." Rael spotted Q standing up and talking to Ohhe.

Xen was doing something to absolutely nothing, and stuck a pair of poles in the ground to mark,what might be a circle showing rather thinner, scrubbier grass lands than these.

Q and Xen walk into nothing. Rael started the engine and followed the other utes through the gate.

A little rockier, and a few slabs of rocks breaking the soil here and there . . . A faint patterning in the grass and low shrubs. Square corners . . .

"Well, they did say an X World. I guess there must be underlying foundations or roads under fourteen or fifteen centuries of nature doing it's best to take back over." Rael watched Xen stroll back to the utes.

"We'll camp on that barren hill, and start opening gates all along the slope on this side, then switch areas tomorrow." Xen swung up into the back of Ohhe's ute and sat beside Egret, a very pretty blue-eyed brunette, and behind the spectacular dark haired, dark-eyed deeply tanned Demoiselle.

Q walked over to Scar's ute and sat behind Bunny.

Ux had Goldfinch, an appropriate name, with her amber eyes, dark red auburn hair . . . One damn it all, every single one of these witches was a looker.

Icks had Ibis—black hair and green eyes—all to himself and didn't seem to mind at all.

Jacana looked over at Rael. "Oh, too bad! Looks like Demi and Egret are going to nab your boyfriend."

Rael giggled. "Oh, we'll see about that."

matapampamuphoff on September 6th, 2017 02:39 am (UTC)
This is not going to be allowed to turn into a girly story. I promise.

There's no way to avoid the great huge bloody battle at the end. Not to mention Eldon destroying the entire Helios world.
James ResoldierJames Resoldier on September 7th, 2017 03:39 pm (UTC)
A little cattiness is to be expected...
Michawl DolbearMichawl Dolbear on September 6th, 2017 04:49 pm (UTC)
For those who haven't got my files.

Jacana Lapwing appear in Earth Gate

Jacana, Lapwing the "... raped by a goat " (Heso) episode is in the unpublished "Home Sweet home"

Demoiselle, Egret are in Earth Gate and the unpublished Fractured Loyalties

Ibis is in Earth Gate

Goldfinch has no previous mention.

Edited at 2017-09-06 04:58 pm (UTC)