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07 August 2017 @ 10:45 am
_Last Merge_ tidbits  
I've cancelled my plans to add _Rescue Mission_ to the main Cannibal story. And added Rael. This is a possible start.

"So." Rael giggled at the apprehensive glances her off-and-on students exchanged.

The Speed Squad, the rest of the guards call them. Because they can all do high level speed. Some of the best of the Black Horse Guards.

"Ajki is so hard pressed to field the teams he needs for projects currently underway that Urfa has decided to fill Disco's request for some people to protect a field project of theirs from the Black Horse Guards. So, do we have any volunteers to go guard some gorgeous young witches from dinosaurs? Keep in mind that I have no idea what the age or appearance of the witches actually are, but I have been told there will be dinosaurs."
She glanced at Scar. "I've invited Bunny, so we don't give the impression of an all male group."

He grinned. "I'm in."

A chorus of affirmatives from the other three.

"Excellent. Major Eppa has signed off on five utes, Xen says he'll handle food and shelter. So weapon up. I understand the 20mm penetrating frag works very well on dinosaurs, but bring along lighter guns as well."

"Rael?" Ohhe was eyeing her. "I didn't catch what the project is?"

"Oh. Well, the witches are going to put up hundreds of gates between various worlds and Helios in hopes of diverting it away from the One World."

Horrified silence times four.

"So. Tell no one. Weapon up, pack for a month in the field. Day after tomorrow we go save the Empire."