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16 June 2017 @ 08:19 pm
_The Last Merge_ Disco part 4  
Sorry this is so short. I'm having to use pliers to pull the words out of my brain one at a time. Don't worry, the middle part will expand, drastically. Or disastrously, actually.


"That's not a pterodactyl."

"Good. Last thing we'd need is another aerial attack . . . " Xen followed Wsca's gaze, zoomed in his vision. "Oh, that a plane . . . or one of your antigravity aircars with a bit of wing . . . Unmanned surveyor? I'm not feeling anyone . . . oh shit, I think there's a Helao in there . . . there's a second one . . . "

He broke off check the witches—oblivious in their triads—and Ohhe diving into the ute and grabbing the radio.

Xen threw an illusion over the entire area. Probably too far away even if it would work on their squirrely brains. I need a physical effect, light warps . . .

"Q, wake up. We've got a problem."

"I'm not asleep . . . oh crap! Did they detect the gates? Ha! I'll bet they think their own people have found them. What shall we do to them?"

Wsca shot a glance her way. "You mean with them?"

"Not really. But I suppose I shouldn't be too nasty."


"Damn, damn, damn, damn, DAMN! They pulled away." Q thumped down on the ground. "Damn it. I'll bet I've aimed it right at that Primitive World."

Xen sat and hugged her. "We'll start evaccing the people immediately." He pulled out his comm and pushed Director Ajki's number.

Damn, I wish I had better news, but that encounter ought to have changed Helios' path. We just need quick confirmation of that, so we evac the right world.