matapam (pamuphoff) wrote,

_Scrambled_ tidbit


He heard the cadence of a galloping horse and walked out to see who was coming . . . a pinto horse, a stranger . . . no the rider was very familiar.

He met her half way and caught her as she dismounted.

Held her tight, his face buried in the crook of her neck, warm body hard against his, bathed in her gorgeous double glow.

Took a deep breath and eased his grip, let her slide down and put her feet on the ground. "So . . . are you here to arrest me."

A snort and widening grin.

"Shoot my sister?"


"Eat crackers in bed?"

"Well . . . "

Nick laughed. "Oh. I've heard about cravings . . . "

"Ha! Morning sickness. Mostly past that, now."

He swallowed. "Did you get tested . . . No?"

"No. The One is . . . behaving strangely . . . So I decided to not leave any documentation behind and fled."

He winced . . . gently framed her face with his hands. "You and the baby are safe here. You don't have to . . . whether or not you . . . " He couldn't hardly think it, let alone say it. Love me. Live with me.

She leaned in to slide her arms around him. "You are why I'm here, not somewhere else."

"Good. Will you marry me?"


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