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04 June 2017 @ 07:58 am
_Scrambled_ part 36  

Chapter Nuked One

"Right, so, the Council is meeting in the municipal stadium, and hopefully will have a bill that cover an embassy on the Embassy World, and authority to open diplomacy with Disco, the Other Empire, the Other Earth and the Earth that invaded us." The President sat back. "Poor Eggo. He really doesn't like not using the powered gate. But he's got five Worlds, apparently really nice ones, to explore, so I told him to settle for the two year moratorium and stop bitching."

The Ax grinned. "Interior's gripping about him poaching personnel. But he suddenly needs people to manage field expeditions and keep his scientists alive. And . . . " He stopped and glanced over his shoulder as Major Muin Walked in, comm to his ear.

The Major was grinning, as he tapped the comm for speaker.

" . . . not going to answer to that name any more! Ever!"

Agni lunged up from his chair. "Aggie! Are you all right?"

"Hi Dad. I'm fine. And I've changed my nickname. I am Zog."

"Zog." Agni sank back ibnto his chair. "That's . . . yeah, I guess you're old enough to have an adult type nickname. Zog. I like it. Are you all right?"

"Yeah, umm, what happened to Ujji? The driver? Was he all right?"

Major Muin nodded. "Broken arm and collar bone."

"Oh good. He wasn't nearly as obnoxious as most of the guards. Umm, the guards here are pretty cool. And, umm, will you please not have Nick killed? Umm, Azho the Priest Killer. He's actually a good guy and Gamer isn't that kind of dangerous, shoot-on-sight is stupid. And I had a great time, and can I have another dog? Diego and Lady Fang had puppies and can I have a horse? I've been riding the Black Horse horses. And I've been hunting and I made my own bow and well, the first one wasn't very good, but we've got it figured out now . . ."

Agni wiped a damp eye and listened to the boy rattle on. Rapid stomping recognizable footsteps . . . how does she stomp in high heels? His wife frowned her way through the door, clearly irritated to have been dragged away fro who-knows-what . . .

Luex's mouth opened to snap at him . . . her eyes got wider than her mouth and the tears started. "Aggie? Aggie is that you?"

"Hi Mom! I'm fine, I had a great time, I'm just fine. Don't cry. And umm, Please call me Zog."

She kept right on crying. Agni circled the desk to hug her, and get her to sit down, and a box of tissues.

A spoke while she blew her nose. "Son, Zog . . . yes you may have a puppy, yes you may have a horse, yes I will look into the charges against Azho and Qamar. We've been worried sick about you. Welcome home."

A deep sigh. "I really like it here. I've got friends. I know I have to go back home. I missed you guys too, but . . . this was really fun."

Lux, stiffened. "Little Aggie!"

"No Mom! Not that!"

Agni pulled out his comm and passed it to Muin. "See if you can reach Ahco and find out when they'll be here, send cars . . . transport . . . One! Has he got a hundred horses there?"

Muin tapped away . . . "Dough? Are you anywhere near Ahco? No? Do you have any guestimates on you're arrival here . . . Good idea . . . Okay . . . Well, that'll be seventy-five more than we've got now, which is eight."

He cradled the comm. "They're waiting for the Earthers to finish departing. It's the same Chinese army group that we had so much trouble with, here. They've got about fifty horses that are not quite fit for duty, might not be for a year and said they'd like to leave them with the colonists—there's a bunch of people who aren't interested in leaving. But seventy-five horses are good to go now."

Ax raised his eyebrows and nodded. "Tell him that's approved, and I'll see about transport for seventy-five horses."

Muin passed that on . . . "Dough says that if you want guards there to protect the colonists, and incidentally keep an eye on the non-Oners who are staying, their group has good relations with all the civilians, including the Earthers, who are mostly middle-aged female accountants."

"One! Well, that is a good idea. Ask if the people will be safe if they come home to be debriefed, or if staying there is a good idea."

"Dough? Oh, you heard that? Ah, yes." Muin looked over at them. "They're pretty sure they've cleaned out all the dinosaurs of a dangerous size, but recommends rotating people in and out."

Agni switched his attention briefly back to his wife and son.

"No, Mom. Not a pony. A horse. I've been riding the black horses for months. I want a full-sized horse."

Back to Muin and Ax.

"He says only a couple of the guards would probably want to live there forever, but as a place to be stationed, it lacks only electricity and access to a city for vacations." A pause. "Only one of the seventeen—Princess Deip—has injuries that might require her to retire, but she's one of the people who might stay, whether guard or colonist."

Ax nodded. "Relay my order—a third at a time to cycle out, it will become an official posting, probably volunteer. Get Princess Deip back with the first group for a medical exam."

Agni nodded approval, walked back to Lux.

"Oh, Captain Ahco says we'll go in ten minutes, but we're not taking horses until the transportation is arranged . . . Oh, Nighthawk says she can do a corridor for us. That would be awesome."

"Excellent." Agni knelt beside Lux and slipped an arm around her waist. "We really need to cultivate these Comet Fall people. They've got some very odd magic techniques we ought to study."

Aggie . . . Zog's voice filled with glee. "Wait till you see what I've learned. Oh, yeah, I touched the Power while I was here. So I've been getting lessons."

"I can't wait to see."

"Oh, Ahco says it's time to go. See you in a couple of hours!"

Chapter Nick

Nick stood back. Out of the reach of temptation.

Grab her. Carry her off.

Get killed.

"Take your time. Be sure. I'll be here . . . Or maybe over the hills, hard to say which way the governments will jump. Any of the five of them."

He could see her swallow. The sheen of tears.

"I need to see my mom, my sister, a doctor . . . think." Dipper looked around as Nighthawk walked up.

"So, sort of almost sister-in-law. Take this. It can hold an entire building, should you have one handy. Like, say, a barn full of cattle, sheep, and goats. Just in case you've truly lost your mind." The dark woman grinned. "Like me."

(Anonymous) on June 4th, 2017 05:09 pm (UTC)
"Nice" Agni
The "nice" Agni in the other universe fairly boggles the mind.
ekuah on June 4th, 2017 08:05 pm (UTC)
I don't know...
... how tight Nick's shields are, but Ra'd, Ebsa or Nighthawk must notice his problems to keep cool around Dipper.
They could offer him a sip of 'The gift of Lord Hell' or 'The curse of Lord Hell'. (depending of whom you are asking)

Edited at 2017-06-04 08:06 pm (UTC)